10 Thing You Must Know

by Yolanda of David Weller's Custom Woodwork ( 22-Jul-2010 )

There is alot to consider when looking for someone to either remodel your home or just help with a few updates. 

#1. Is the person insured.  This helps in case they damage any part of your home.  Check also that the policy is inforce. 

#2. Check client references as well as contractor references, ask for more than one.  This allows you a client's perspective and a contractors. 

#3.  Check that they finish completely all their work, not that someone has to call them a hundred time to come back out and finish. 

#4. Ask for an approximate time line as to when the job will be finished. Understand that sometimes this time frame can be extended thru no fault of the contractor.  Sometimes the suppliers and manufacturers are running behind in their production so it throws everyone back. 

#5. When they start their work leave them alone. No one likes to be hounded while they are working. You will have a chance to make sure it is the way you want. 

#6. Make sure you read the contract you are signing and understand it.  They should not be so complicated.  It should state the scope of the work, the time frame in which to finish and a cost to do the job. 

#7. Don't assume that cheap is better.....if you pay cheap, you get cheap. That also refers to the quality of work and quality of person.  If you were going to work, would you put more effort in at $10.00 and hour or $100.00 and hour.  Also understand some material prices have gone up therefore the contractor must pass this expense on to you.  

#8. Try to deal directly with the person doing the job.  Sometime if you deal with a contractor who deals with the subcontractor, they tend to put an additional 10% on top of the subcontractors price for themselves and you're the one footing that bill. 

#9. Be respectful, courteous and kind to the people working on your home.  You can sometimes get them to do extras without paying for them if your just nice.  If your not, they hate working for you and won't go the extra mile for you.  That also makes for a stressful situationh for both parties. 

#10. Always pay contractors on time.  They work for it.  You should never use paying people as leverage.  They have their own families and bills to pay. 

Making changes to your home don't have to be stressful, use the 10 tips I have given you and all will run smoothly.  REMEMBER YOU'RE BOTH WORKING TOWARD THE SAME GOAL. 

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