Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

by Ken Myers of East Coast Fence of Myrtle Beach ( 26-Aug-2016 )

Aluminum is quickly becoming the most popular choice of fencing for homeowners and businesses for various reasons. The main reason is that aluminum will not rust or rot. Aluminum fences are given a powder-coated finis that protects the fence from rusting. The powder coated fence rarely requires any maintenance.

     Another major advantage of aluminum fences are their competitive price. They last longer and are cheaper than traditional iron or wood fences. With any maintenance free product it may be a little more expensive initially, but in time it will cost you less. You may come out cheaper with a wood fence if you do not pain or stain the fence, but it will not look as good or last nearly as long as your aluminum powder-coated fence. If you do decide to have your wood fence painted or stained, then you will be approaching the price of an aluminum fence unless you decide to do it yourself. Bear in mind though that you will need to have your fence painted every two to three years to maintain its beauty and to keep it from warping and cracking.

     Once again, Aluminum fences are all aluminum, stainless steel fasteners, and fiberglass nylon gate hardware, therefore nothing will rust. They also meet all safety (B.O.C.A) standards: Aluminum fences are designed to meet pool codes, whether it's a commercial or residential application. Poolside fences are exposed to a lot of moisture, so it is essential to use fencing that you do not have to maintain at any point in time.

     Now that you know these important benefits of using aluminum fences for your home, you just need to decide if this is the right type of fence for you. To help you make the smart choice, you need to take time to check out all your options. For more information on aluminum fences, please visit us at:

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