Agencies vs Private Home Care Worker

by Rogue Valley In Home Care Inc. of Rogue Valley In Home Care Inc ( 26-Aug-2016 )

Choosing the right caregiver is essential to your health care needs.  When you are disabled, sick or recovering from surgery or illness it is important to know who you can count on when you need help.

The best place to recover and be comfortable is always home; home in your surroundings and comforts.  Sometimes in order to stay home and be safe you will need to have extra assistance and that is where a caregiver can be an essential piece to your recovery.  But how do you manage them? What do you need to ensure that you are safe and recieving reliable care?

Home Care agencies such as Rogue Valley in Home Care can take a lot of the hassle and worry out of this process.  They can provide caregiver management and care coordination, they can establish care plans and schedules to ensure that you are being properly cared for and in a reliable manner.  Private home care workers can get sick or fail to show for a shift, with an agency a back up caregiver is trained and ready to fill in when needed.  Sometimes there will be a need to redirect or council an employee, when you are ailing this can cause stress and anxiety.  When using an agency, caregivers are routinely evaluated and coached on their job performance. 

No one wants to think of the person who is coming into their home to help them as someone who could potentially steal or harm them.  Rogue Valley In Home Care extensively screens potential employees and current staff employees.  Background checks, drug testing, abuse and sex offender searches are completed on a regular basis and before a potential employee is hired.  Additionally Rogue Valley In Home care holds a comprehensive care license and is bonded to insure that you are safe and state laws are met and exceeded where possible.

Private home care workers can be an affordable alternative yes, but they do not always meet the same state regulations or even be screened to ensure they are safe.  When it comes to ensuring that you or your loved one is safe and has a team of care behind them the choice to hire an agency is most often the best choice! 

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