Canine Wheels Take the “Dis” Out of Disability

by Art Gibb, freelance writer on behalf of LLC ( 12-Mar-2012 )

Every pet owner knows that animals all have their own personality. They have particular likes and dislikes.  When a pet becomes unable to live up to their normal standard of life, they may become depressed just as a person would. Getting a set of canine wheels will help bring back the vitality they had before their accident.  Here are some ways to help your pooch through this transition.


Understand What Is Going On: The Human Perspective

With all the advances in modern medicine and innovation, it is easy to accept many different types of people. Those that would be put in an asylum or sent far away from embarrassed family are now accepted and nurtured by society. Those with physical disabilities are often able to hold steady jobs and blend in so that other people can see they are perfectly capable of performing tasks.


Why should your dog’s situation be any different? Whether they are born with a handicap or acquire it through an unfortunate accident or other circumstance, they are still capable of doing things and loving life, they may just need to make some adjustments. Just as human wheelchairs come in many different models, shapes and sizes, you can find wheelchairs for dogs that fit their needs. You can get a lightweight dachshund wheelchair or a heftier model for a bigger dog.


Try to See From Their Perspective

Remember that it is unlikely that your pet will be able to understand what is going on. All they know is that they used to jump on the couch all the time, and now they can’t move at all. You can’t sit down and explain the situation logically anymore than you could to a young child. Poodles don’t understand words like “paralyzed”, “fracture”, or “paraplegic”. However, they do understand emotions.


Show forth an excess of love and patience toward your furry friend. They are probably in pain and don’t understand why. The first few times you strap on their new mode of transportation they may be confused, but after you help them see their new mobility, they will likely rejoice in their newfound freedom.


While your dog may not be able to do everything it used to, advances in technology make it possible to still lead a full and happy life without the burden of disability. Wheelchairs for dogs can bring back the freedom and joy that your pet had before losing mobility.

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