Carpet Cleaning Principles

by K.N.D. Iwule of Sunshine International ( 26-Aug-2016 )

All carpet cleaners are not created equal.  Every body can clean carpet but not every body understands the principles of carpet cleaning. To be an educated carpet care provider, you must understand the following carpet cleaning principles:- 

a.   Dry Vacuuming is a very important principle necessary to remove soil in its solid state before any liquid is utilized.

b.   Soil suspension is also necessary to remove those soil that was not removed by vacuuming.  We utilize chemical action. heat, agitation and time to accomplish this principle.

c.   Soil extraction is another principle we utilize to physically remove soil by wet vacuuming.

d.   Once the three principles above are done, it becomes necessary to groom the carpet piles. The process is also called pile setting.

e.   Drying is one of the most important principle of cleaning.  It is very important for carpet to dry in a very rapid time.

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