Choosing a Lawn or Landscape Company

by J Thompson of All Terra Landscape Services LLC ( 8-Nov-2013 )

With so many lawn maintenance companies out there it can be difficult to choose one that is dependable.  Make sure the lawn service you choose is properly insured. Ask to see their certificate of insurance for liability and workman's comp.  If any damage is done to your property or if someone is hurt, it is important that the mowing service you hire is insured for these situations to protect yourself from law suits or loss of money.  Besides, any business licensed to do business in the State of Michigan is required by law to carry workman's comp and liability insurance which will be one difference between a professional lawn care company and a "fly by night" lawn care company.  Next, be sure to ask for a list of references that include actual locations included with the clients name.  While price is important, try not to make your choice entirely on cost alone.  The lawn maintenance business is a very competitive industry and you will always be able to find someone to do it cheaper.  We sometimes tell people that you have three choices when it comes to your lawn care: cheap lawn mowing, fast lawn mowing or quality lawn mowing,,,,choose one!  While this may sound extreme, there is some truth to it.  A lawn care company that mows your lawn cheaply will only be able to do for so long before they discover that they either have to raise the price or start cutting corners to make a profit. " Faster" mowing service can sometimes translate to "less quality" mowing service. If you can find a lawn care contractor that can mow your lawn fast and cheap while offering quality at the same time then great but make sure they know your expectations ahead of time to get the service you want.  Other things to look for is professional appearance.  Are the people mowing your lawn wearing appropriate safety equipment and uniforms?  Do you really want some sweaty guy with his shirt off on your property mowing your yard?  It's the little things that can separate a true professional lawn company from the rest.  After hiring a lawn maintenance company it should only take a couple of mowings before that company knows the layout of your property and how to mow it. For more information on our professional lawn maintenance services, please give us a call at 517 599 1446 or feel free to fill out a request for quotation at 

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