Conditions our wheelchairs have been purchased for.

by Donn of LLC ( 27-Apr-2017 )

 We have been in business for over 7 years in that time we have heard some sad stories. Some of these stories will want to make you cry so be for warned.

The majority of our clients purchase the wheelchair for simple illnesses and in home injuries. These usually cannot be helped even though the dog’s parents always wonder could I have prevented this. As I wrote about before dogs that injure their back do it jumping off a couch or going up and down stairs, even rolling over. One thing not good for some dogs, especially dachshunds is sitting pretty were they sit up on their back legs and sit up like a human. I would avoid this with your dog.

Other problems are illnesses like hip dysplasia, head injuries causing neurological disorders. We had one dog that could not walk straight because of such an injury. The wheelchair helped keep them from going in circles. Another dog could not stand because of the same type disorder. She needed a 4 wheeled wheelchair.

Now we get into some of the injuries and mistreatments. One dog had a large gate dropped on his back, another was stepped on. Many had run inns with cars which a dog will always loose. Still another was kicked by a neighbor. Some of the worse injuries were larger dogs attacking the smaller ones. One comes to mind when an older woman was walking her dog to the mail box when the neighbors large and vicious dogs ran across the road and attacked her and her dog. She was afraid of these dogs and therefore carried a hand gun with her. She was bitten and her dog crippled but she managed to shot the attacking dogs. She was lucky they could have killed both of them. The final one is a terrible case of inhuman treatment. A Dachshund ones rescued form a garbage dump. His legs were tied together and he was dumped to die. A rescue agency was alerted and they rescued the dog but not after the loss of blood caused permanent damage.

We have heard many stories these are just a few it is both sad and rewarding on our part to hear of these atrocities but knowing we helped the dogs walk again and led a better life is a large part of our payment. 

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