by Daviid L. Erlewin, DVM,MS of Westfield Animal Hospital ( 27-Apr-2017 )

   General Information

  Ear mites are tiny white parasites that live in the ear canals ofdogs and cats.  These mites are highly contagious and frequentlyinfest whole litters of puppies and kittens.  If more than one dog orcat is present in the home, and one is found to be infected, then allshould be carefully examined for ear mites.

 Severe ear infections may develop as a result of injury to the earcanal by the mites.  A dark, crusty material is found in the affectedear canal.  Head shaking and ear scratching are common signs.

             Important Points in Treatment

 1. In many cases, the ears require a thorough cleaning beforetreatment.  An anesthetic may be necessary in severe cases to allowcomplete cleaning.

 2. The mites can crawl to other parts of your pet's body.Therefore, a topical insecticide may be prescribed, depending uponyour pet's age, state of health and severity of the disease.


          Notify the Doctor if Any of the Following Occur:
 * Your pet develops a head tilt or loss of balance.

 * Your pet vomits or refuses to eat.

 * Your pet's general health changes.

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