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Property Searchlight is the original homeowner’s guide, online magazine, and real estate blog for Pinellas County. Property Searchlight provides free articles and information for those who live in Pinellas County, and those who enjoy reading about it, in a quick, user-friendly, and entertaining format. Property Searchlight is a free online magazine for Pinellas County homeowners, written by home professionals. We offer articles, advertorials, brochures and price guides for businesses around the Pinellas County area, written by our local experts and top service professionals. You can always trust the information because it’s written by those who know best, the service providers who do it daily. Property Searchlight includes a variety of great topics for our free subscribers. These topics include: Real Estate and Property Management, Rentals, Hotels, Accommodations, Business Services and Accounting, Insurance and Financial Services, Home Exteriors and Outdoor Services, Home Interiors and Indoor Services, Kitchen and Culinary, Lawn and Garden Services, Advice and Editorials, Entertainment and Recreation, Fishing and Water sports, Household and Family, Restaurants and Nightlife, Automotive Sales and Service, Health and Wellness, Beauty and Fitness, Shopping and Retail, Consignment and Collectibles, Jewelry and Coin, and Creative Arts. Property Searchlight has topics for everyone, everything you need to run a home, run a business, or just relax and learn about the community! Anyone can benefit from Property Searchlight, and it is designed to capture majority of Pinellas County’s interests.




This is the mission statement of Property Searchlight Online Magazine:


  1. To publish an informative, and entertaining, magazine for Pinellas County homeowner’s – a free publication – specializing in home-related topics.

  2. To provide a showcase of Pinellas County’s premier service providers, and a complete compilation of local expertise, for Pinellas County homeowners.

  3. To distribute the philosophies, articles, editorials and special offers, from the Bay area’s brightest professionals, to assist homeowners.

  4. To create a forum where Tampa Bay-surrounding homeowners and businesses can interact, share ideas, and tips, through social media and our Searchlight blog.

  5. To provide a reliable, community reference source for homeowners.




Additional Benefits to Subscribing to Property Searchlight Online Magazine:


In addition, Property Searchlight is the source for many other free services. The services include: (1) a free monthly newsletter, within the website and quarterly print, which updates our subscribers to current events and local information, (2) Property Yardsale, the first friendly, neighborhood garage sale online, free use for our subscribers, contact us for specific details, (3) free community references, providing current information about our community, (4) free access to service deals offered by our local businesses and advertisers, (5) free use of our writing resources directory, when writing and submitting articles, (6) publishing opportunities for local writers, contingent upon topic and purpose, (7) quick references to area open houses, offered by our advertising real estate professionals, (8) voice your opinion through advice, editorials and our Property Searchlight Blog, get your word out to Pinellas County, (9) participate in our frequent focus groups and surveys, that we conduct to help determine the health of our local economy and business trends, (10) free charity exposure for any registered charity or group, to help increase your impact with our large subscriber base, (11) stay informed of news that affect your household, (12) place your F.S.B.O. online with Property Searchlight, and use our magazine to find interested parties, contact us for specific details, (13) learn more about our local service providers, more in-depth than standard online directories (15) learn about Pinellas County history and the growth of our beautiful Pinellas County, (16) communicate and network with your “like-minded” neighbors through the Searchlight Blog and social media sites interfaced with Property Searchlight, (17) access the list of rentals in the Pinellas County area, (18) and finally, Property Searchlight is filled with all of the fun and exciting things to do in our gorgeous Pinellas County surroundings, outdoors and water sports, dining, sunshine and all of our exciting local events and fundraisers. As you can see, we do offer something for everyone, and it’s a free subscription! Remember,…Always trust the lighthouse!




Property Searchlight Online Magazine is an excellent way to advertise your business. First, being a local advertising tool, we target Pinellas County solely; and focus on delivering your message to your preferred market area. We offer exclusive advertising slots, by dividing the county into (3) segments—North-, Mid-, and South-Pinellas County. When you reserve your ad space, you are the only company type in your region, and you also have the first right of refusal for your renewal. You don’t have to worry about saturation, and keeping with lots of other companies. You can focus on doing what you do best…running your business! When advertising with us, you receive graphic ads, and article space to be as specific as you want. In addition, you also receive a showcase page to utilize all of your information in a concise, user-friendly format. Review our media kit and ad rates, and contact us today to reserve your advertising space with Property Searchlight Online Magazine. Remember,…Always Trust the Lighthouse!




*Contact Property Searchlight Online Magazine for specific marketing packages, details and additional benefits. Email: ads@propertysearchlight.com. Or, visit www.propertysearchlight.com to learn more about our new and exciting magazine.




For specific questions and direct answers, contact: editor@propertysearchlight.com.





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