Getting Started with Integrative Mind Body Counseling

by Ed Glauser, Licensed Professional Counselor of Ed Glauser, Licensed Professional Counselor ( 22-Jul-2010 )

Getting Started with Integrative Mind Body Counseling?

If you are interested in having a higher quality of life, you may want to consider Integrative Mind Body Counseling to improve any emotional or physical source of pain, distress or illness.  Moreover, these integrative techniques can move you closer to (re)discovering and implementing any of your life goals, dreams and aspirations.

First, start with finding a licensed counseling professional that has ample experience, training and credentials in the field.  I would recommend that you take some time to interview prospective professionals that you may want to consider getting into a counseling relationship before you invest your time, trust, and money into someone that could make a major difference in you having a higher quality of life.  Of course, I recommend myself, Ed Glauser, LPC, as one of the professionals you may want to consider.  You can find ample background on me at

Second, I would learn what Integrative Mind Body Counseling is all about to find out whether this approach is right for you.  In summary, Integrative Mind Body Counseling starts with the premise that each person has their own innate ability to heal themselves with the appropriate professional guidance.  Also, each person has their own unique psychophysiologic pattern of responding to distress, pain, illness, and disease.  When you discover your own unique pattern, you are better able to identify the early triggers to distress and illness, and as a result, be more empowered to use integrative counseling techniques to transform any distress, pain or suffering you may be experiencing.  Another aspect to consider is whatever you do to feel better requires multiple integrative approaches to living your life, and that no one technique should be used in isolation to living the rest of your life on a daily basis.  A competent professional will be able to facilitate an understanding that there are aspects of your healing capacities that you may not  be consciously aware of that can be tapped into by utilizing positive and repetitive statements about your self-efficacy, ability to heal, and that your unconscious bodymind (Dr. Candice Pert reference) is able to guide you (as long as you are open to listening) to your innate ability to heal from and have a much better and more empowered relationship to any sources of emotional or physical distress, pain or illness.  The emerging fields of neurobiology including Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and Neural Plasticity is paving the way for us to see the power of each person's ability to rewire their brain to significantly affecting positive changes in emotional and physical condition and function.

Third, start with the end in mind.  Enjoy visualizing, feeling, seeing, sensing and believing that what you most want to achieve in life is already happening in and out of your conscious awareness.  Daydream about your life being better, every day, in every way; that struggles make us stronger along the way, and move us closer to realizing the full manifestation of our highest goals, aspirations, and dreams; and that the more we fire these thoughts in a positive, self-affirming direction, the more they will wire in our brains for a new you.  What fires together, wires together.  YOU CAN BE A BETTER YOU, IF YOU BELIEVE!

In closing, find out from any professional you consider for counseling, what their philosophy and practice of counseling is like, what their past accomplishments are in the counseling field including education, continued professional training, and certifications so you know you are getting a competent professional that is just the right fit for you.  Also, it is fine to ask them about their personal life so you know better if what they are preaching, they are practicing in their own life.  All the best to you for a vibrant and healthy future!


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