Ho'oponopono - To Release, Forgive & Correct

Ho'oponopono is the Hawaiian custom of Releasing all people, places, things and energies that no longer serve or support you as an evolved Spiritual Being.  While releasing these, each person must forgive any person or situation that has created an imbalance in harmony between the two or more people.  Many times the person seeking the forgiveness is ones self! We must remember that Life is always perfect, no matter how tragic things may seem in the moment.  We are always hardest on ourself, we are our own judge and jury...Forgive Yourself!  Once you've released what no longer serves you and you forgive others and yourself for the situation, now you are on your way to making the situation, "PONO", correct!  Pono is the Hawaiian word to make everything flowing smoothly, everything returns to harmony in all areas of Life. 

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