How Scarves can Transform Your Wardrobe

by Schalero TM Staff of Schalero - V. Christine Apparel Company, Inc ( 7-May-2013 )

How Scarves can Transform Your Wardrobe

The Schalero is a 3 in 1 Patent Pending Garment that transforms into a bolero jacket from a scarf or a shawl or a bolero jacket with one quick tug and pull. It can be transformed into scarf about the neck, a wrap around the shoulders, or a bolero jacket down the arms.  It can be worn with a dress, jeans, or anything in between.  Dress it up or dress it down! Turn a simple dress into an extraordinary gown or stay warm without a bulky coat.  It's designed for the woman of style. It's your style; it is your Schalero TM!


There are literally hundreds of ways to a scarf.  The best thing about the Schalero TM is that it gives options.  You can change it with your mood or fashion sense.  Best of all you can wear it with many different pieces from your wardrobe!  As a jacket, you wear it with a long maxi dress, as a scarf you wear it with your coat, as a shawl you wear it with that little black number you love.  The variety of textures, fabrics, and colors of the Schalero is what makes it unique along with its patent-pending functionality.

People wear scarves, shawls, boleros, wraps, shrugs, and jackets for many different reasons. It ranges from the need to cover the neck in the cold, warm the shoulders on a brisk night, or accessories a dress with that little extra “something.”  The Schalero solves the problems of the cover up without the bulk.

Schalero TM Staff

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