How the Internet is teaching Kids Guitar Lessons

by Art Gib, freelance writer on behalf of VistaNetMusic ( 2-Sep-2011 )

There are many people who have the desire to play a musical instrument. Having played interactive video games that enable a player to simulate the performance of a guitar or drum solo, some kids want to take their virtual performance into the real world of music. For some the draw of playing in a band drives their passion for music. For others learning how to play the guitar or drums allows them to follow a dream, but for either performer the skills required to engage their talent and play for an audience means taking lessons from someone that knows how to play. For some individuals the prospect of learning an instrument has them arranging a series of private guitar lessons where they can go to a studio and learn at the feet of a master musician or invite a teacher into their home to give a lesson.

For people that want to learn the drums the lessons are similar to those of mastering the strings of the guitar, but because technology is so readily available, there are some students that prefer to use the internet to connect to a live teacher that can instruct them using a web camera and their internet connection. With the ability to reach out to homes and places of business without leaving their studio, professional music teachers are able to offer online drum lessons to their students that can sign into a private session and learn from someone without leaving home. Using their desktop or even a portable tablet that is equipped with a camera to book time with their drum teacher students that have access to a drum kit can find it easier to learn the basics and the more advanced beats that are setting the pace of the rest of the band.

Starting as young as they can some children take private guitar lessons while their young minds are still open to learning. Teaching the kids guitar lessons over the internet or in a home, allows parents to provide the training their child needs to excel in other areas of their life. As music is a base for mathematics, many students that can read and play music are able to perform better in their scholastic studies. Making the resources of professional instructors available to kids that have had a taste for playing music through video game platforms and who want to continue learning more about what is required to be a musician, many parents are signing up for the online lessons that encourage their children to learn a new talent.

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