Native Americans in the Ozark Mountains

by Janice Maxwell, President of Ozark Band of Cherokees Inc ( 24-Feb-2010 )

There are many families of Native American people living in these mountains that have never had recognition from the governmnet or assistance from any federally recognized Tribe. These people have been surviving on their own, but the recent decline in the economy has made it nearly impossible for them to get adequate health care, food, clothing and education for their children. Because most of these familes have remained self sufficient through the generations most don't qualify for things such as Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits, health care, etc. Their families have kept their identity hidden for generations due to an old fear of losing their homes or worse. Most are not aware why they do not let it be known who they are, it has just been something passed from generation to generation, 'do not let anyone know who you are'. There are programs that could be accessed to help these families is they were counted correctly on the new U S census. It is IMPERATIVE that we get the word out that the count must be correct this time! Please help us to help these families by passing this information on. They do not have to prove their blood for the census, only if they wanted membership in a federally recognized Tribe. Most of these families have  spent decades hiding who they are so they were not forced to become part of those organized federally recognized Tribes,  and they have no desire to do so now. But they do need help. And we want to provide that for them 

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