Over 10 million mattresses are discarded in landfills each year.

by Haul4Me.com of Haul4Me.com ( 31-Oct-2011 )
In America alone, over 10 million mattresses are discarded into our landfills every year (Rowe, 2010).  These mattresses not only take up valuable space, but also create serious potential hazards. When a mattress is replace, most people simply throw it away or set it by the curb side throw them away without considering the consequences or recycling as an alternatives.  It is important to understand how dangerous old mattresses disposed of in our landfills really is and the benefits of recycle them.

Haul4Me.com will now take you your old mattresses, box springs, bulky furniture items and appliances.  We strip them down to their basic components and deliver them to the proper recycling facility where they are turned back into item such as Carpet Padding, Landscape Mulches for the Garden, and a number of different plastic and metal products.  By recycling your old mattress we are able to divert over 85% of the mattresses basic recyclable materials from our land fill where they would be lost forever back into beneficial household items.

Impact on our Landfills
There are several dangers involved when disposing of mattresses into landfills.  According to Bridging AZ Furniture Bank, an existing mattress recycling program, one of the dangers is that the mattresses create flammable air pockets (Piscopo, 2011).  They can also absorb hazardous chemicals (Guilfoil, 2008) that are harmful to the earth.  Another cause of danger associated with dumping mattresses in landfills is towards the equipment operators at the landfill sites.  The composition of the springs in the mattresses causes many jams in the machinery (Rowe, 2010) which can only be fixed manually, putting further risk  on the operator.  Mattresses are not biodegradable and take up a major amount of landfill area ("Mattress-recycling program," 2007).  Mattresses range in size from 27 to 60 cubic feet (Rowe, 2010).  Each mattress also weighs about 60 lbs (Boone, 1994).  Because of all of these factors, Greg Conigliaro, the president of  Conigliaro Industries, the leading mattress recycling plant on the east coast, believes that it is very possible that soon mattresses and box springs could be banned from landfills altogether ("First mattress recycling," 2003)

Green Alternatives
There are several alternative solutions to throwing away old mattresses.  Almost every component of the mattresses can be recycled.  The wood from the box spring can be turned into mulch for landscaping materials ("Sleeping on a," 1995).  The foam from inside gets made into carpet padding and insulation.  The metal springs can be recycled as well.  The only part of the mattress that is not recyclable is the fabric covering which is often soiled.

Mattress Recycling
While recycling mattresses is a much better alternative to dumping them, it is not as easy as it seems.  "Mattresses are probably the single most difficult thing to recycle," says Greg Conigliaro ("First mattress recycling," 2003).  It is difficult, but not impossible.  With basic, simple tools, it is possible for a single worker to dismantle up to 30 mattresses per day (Boone, 1994).  Plants like Conigliaro Industries and St. Vincent de Paul use shredders which increases this amount to one mattress per minute which adds up to 140,000 per year ("First mattress recycling," 2003). While there are several mattress recycling plants already, many more are needed to meet the current demand.  These plants provide jobs for the community.  The Verlo Mattress Company has initiated a program called the Outcycle program which uses workers from the work release program at a prison in Wisconsin to break down old mattresses into each individual component ("Sleeping on a," 1995).  Each recycling center charges a modest fee per mattress which consumers do not mind paying, especially when they learn that the mattress will be kept out of their landfill.
Community Awareness

It is every consumers responsibility to share with friends, family and their community the serious dangers of dumping mattresses into our landfills and the many other problems it causes for our environment.  People need to be educated on the benefits of recycling and share locations where old mattresses and bulky furniture items may be taken for recycling.
Our goal at Haul4Me.com is to meet with community groups, local businesses, furniture stores, mattress dealers, assisted living communities, and local hotels/motels to inform them of the importance of recycling used mattresses creating a greener landfills and environment for future generations.

Recycling an old Mattress & Box Springs costs only a penny a day over their life and the benefits last forever.  Next time you purchase a new mattress, put a penny a day away for future generations.

                     Are you doing even a part of what you can do for our Environment?

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