Over Come Anything

by Debra D. Certified Personal Trainer of D'FEAT FITNESS ( 7-Aug-2015 )

So many people struggle to find balance. Balance between life, play, and work. Struggle between weight. Struggle between money, struggle between food, struggle in the gym. In order to find yourself content with your status, you must defeat what ever obstacles lay before you. It's time to jump over the hurdles that hold you back, and swallow whatever fear you see stopping your path. It's time to over come anything.

Life is an oppurtunistic oasis of rights and lefts towards straight and bumpy. It's a rough ride, but it's all well worth the effort to coast and sail and have a great time. The problem is...we're too advanced for our own good. We have way too many goods. Every thing is with a costly price tag. Life is full of complexities. We have an abundance of choices infront of us, bombarding our senses. At the end of the day we must realize we are still human and really only require a few things to survive and flourish.

Weeding out all of the craziness is what I find most challenging. Sticking to the plan is always difficult, because so many things are there to throw us off of it. Bad food choices surround us at the supermarket, friends nag us to skip our workouts and go to dinner instead. Consistency is what is key in the world of health, fitness, and results. Being active and healthy is a life style. Strength training and aerobic conditioning and an exercise prescription (not just going to the gym and "working out") is what gets you results. Hard, long lasting, life changing results. Hard work always pays off. In a world of miscontrued concepts constantly bombarding us in the form of "diet" products, and "100 calorie" snacks, we must stick to what we know. Here are some tips for real success:


1. Eat wholesome, delicious food that comes from nature. Such as eggs, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Buy organic fruits and vegetables. If you can buy from your local organic farms here on Long Island, NY. It can be part of your new active healthy life style. We have gorgeous farms here on Long Island that we should support. Fresh eggs, and milk can be purchased too. I personally like Garden of Eve in Riverhead, NY. Tell them I sent you, they don't know I'm secretly promoting them :) 

2. Avoid sugar as much as you can. Natural sugar that comes from fruits, vegetables and milk is okay but even the USDA says we should limit our consumption of these sugars too. Eat more vegetables than fruit. 

3. Be consistent in the gym. Aim to be consistent for at least one month or 4 weeks. Then if you want to rest your body, do so by doing less intense activities such as walking leisurely with friends, swimming, taking a dance lesson, playing sports, etc. 

4. Always have a workout schedule for at the minimum one week. You have to have a plan or else you're just going to the gym to mess around and not getting results. The key to success is an exercise prescription, meaning you track the weight you use, the repititions you do, and you gently increase the intensity by about 6-8% every week (by adding weight or repititions, based on your goals). This also applies to aerobic activity. Make sure you know where your heart rate should be while you're doing aerobic activity, or else you may not be getting any benefit from it. If you don't know how to plan an exercise program, you need help from a Professional- like me :) 

E-Mail me at DDenimarck@gmail.com and I'll gladly e-mail you back a one week program completely free. Include your age, fitness goals, and how long you have been working out in the gym. Also include any injuries, or medical issues and if you've ever worked with a trainer before. 

*Remember exercise should be challenging- or else your body has nothing to adapt to. Adapting is when your body gets stronger and that is when you get results.

5. Stay positive, stay patient and don't ever give up. You can do this! I've been there. It's hard work. Some weeks, you might not lose weight. That's okay. Tomorrow is always a new day. You will overcome anything!

I hope this helped out some of you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail me. Set up a complementary fitness assessment and get started on a new life style today. 


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