Precast Concrete Parking Curbs OKA Wheel Stops

by Richard S. Imus of NuDriveways ( 6-Jan-2016 )

Precast Concrete Parking Curbs Now Have An Appeal

Have you ever taken the time to visually look at a parking lot?  If you're like me and many others I simply do not even take much notice of the finer details of my surroundings unless they cause conflict.  Perhaps it's because I have become accustomed to them or accepted that I have no control over them so I look no further, right?   Wrong.  Driving a small car like I do and running uo too close to precast concrete parking curbs I have firsthand knowledge how much damage they canprecast concrete curbs do.

After years of driving in the Skagit Valley and scraping up on curbs with my little car and replacing thousands of dollars’ worth of bumpers I have made it my goal to fix the problem once and for all. I began by designing and building my own precast concrete parking curbs that are low-profile, smooth with rounded corners so as not to tear at car tires or rip bumpers off of cars especially mine.

The impact of positive precast concrete paking lot wheel stops

Today I manufacture and sell these precast concrete curbs to be used in shopping malls, schools and hospitals.  Some people refer to them as precast concrete parking lot wheel stops  or concrete curb bumpers but regardless they do the job as they're supposed to do it, that is, stopping cars like mine without destroying them in the process.

Turn your customer’s complaints into compliments

Building a better precast concrete curb does have its appeal to many customers. Especially to building owners who have to hear from customers whose vehicles have had their tires or bumpers torn off.  Thankfully, our customers appreciate simply not having to deal with needless complaints like these and sometimes even get compliments. Now there is a good reason for many compliments because we offer custom made logos to emboss the precast concrete curbs for branding your business. Our precast concrete wheel stops can be ordered with parking designations for handicap, veterans parking, employee of the month and more.

Many accolades will come from people that are pleased with your businesses choice of precast concrete curbs. You will also be pleased with customer’s demeanors changing as they pull up to your business all because you made a good choice of precast concrete wheel stops that provide a harmless and small car friendly ambiance. This demonstrates your companies concern for the public’s vehicles by preventing damage and your investment by low care impact scratches to your precast concrete parking curbs.

Artistic style & quality matters when purchasing precast concrete parking curbs

Precast concrete wheel stopsNow that I have your attention imagine your family restaurant, clothing store or community hardware supply store outfitted with stylish American Made precast concrete parking curbs having your businesses logos imprinted on them. Now visualize a handicap imprint and possibly giving designation to the employee of the month showing the public how much you care for them and your employees. A veteran’s logo will also prove your companies commitment for patriotism which always bodes well with customers approval. 

There are a plethora of reasons why you should choose Creative Concrete Products for your precast concrete curb needs.

A recap of the points we have touched on:

  • Family Owned
  • American Made
  • High Impact Strength Concrete
  • Artistic Design
  • Stamped In Logos
  • Embossed Parking Designation Logos
  • Smooth Low-Profile For Small Cars
  • Compliments vs. Complaints

For more information please contact Creative Concrete Products, LLC at 115 Lind Street, Mount Vernon, Washington 98273 - Phone 360-419-9909 -

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