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by J.R. of Quality POS Systems ( 27-Mar-2013 )



Top restaurant and retail business's invest heavily in top quality POS systems. They do so because high performance POS systems enable restaurants and retail establishments to run more efficiently. Restaurant staff can input customer orders more quickly, the kitchen makes fewer mistakes, customers get both their food and their checks more quickly, tables turn faster, wait staff can serve more tables simultaneously, the correct ingredients can be ordered week after week, servers are prevented from providing complimentary food to friends, and you can run reports to see which items on your menu are being ordered infrequently and should be replaced or re-priced. Fortunately, there are POS software and hardware solutions that are affordable to small and mid-size restauranteurs that level the playing field in today's competitive environment. Please call us and let us personalize a POS system that's right for you.

Benefits of an Effective POS System
An effective point of sale system will:

  • Improve customer service
    A good POS system reduces the time your wait staff time spends entering orders and processing payment tenders. It also allows reduces mistakes in the kitchen. Customers get their orders quickly and accurately.  Today’s POS systems go much further, however. They enable reservations, waiting lists, guest paging, Caller ID, gift card management, frequent diners programs, house accounts, and VIP discounts. Don’t let a great menu be spoiled by an inadequate or overly-complicated POS system.
  • Enhance staff teamwork
    Good POS systems are easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. A new employee without prior computer knowledge should be able to learn the basics of your POS system in 15 minutes or less. You can also implement enhanced communications options like server table assignment paging, internal staff email, and wireless handheld ordering systems.
  • Increase Profits
    POS systems help you order the right amount of ingredients week after week, reduce kitchen mistakes, turn tables more quickly, eliminate inaccurate time cards and much more. They also allow you to run reports on your business so that you can better predict volume and schedule employees appropriately, see what’s not selling on the menu, and prevent servers from providing complimentary food to their friends.


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