Refrigerator tips

by A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair of A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair ( 4-Feb-2010 )

* If your refrigerator has a black coil mounted behind the unit, make certain there is a clearance of at least 2 inches from the kitchen wall to the coil at its closest point, 4 inches from the cabinet above, and 1 inch on both sides of the unit.

* If your refrigerator has no black coil behind it, it will be located underneath all other stand alone units. Built-In models will have the machine compartment at the top, above the doors. Both of these will accumulate dust and pet hair on the condenser coil. Check once a year and clean when needed.

* Keep at a minimum, the amount of empty air space inside the unit. You dont have to fill the unit with food, you can instead add bulk by placing used milk jugs ¾ filled with water in either the freezer or the refrigerated sections.

* Dont put so much food inside that you might in turn be blocking air vents, which are crucial to the proper operation of your fridge.

* If you have glass shelves, make certain air can flow between the shelves and walls. If food is against the walls, you could not only disrupt the airflow, but cause those particular items to freeze in refrigerated section.

* Keep your rubber door gaskets, and the corresponding surface they contact when closed, clean of all substances.

* If you are using a thermometer to check temperatures, place it as close to the center of either the frozen or refrigerated sections, to get the best overall temp readings.

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