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by Art Gib, freelance writer on behalf of A Cut Above Fence And Deck ( 2-Mar-2011 )

The primary reason people build fences is to mark the boundaries of their land but they can also serve other purposes such as keeping the dog in the yard, keeping the children in the yard and for decoration. San Jose Fence can review with you the different types of fencing available and what would look best and work out well for your intended purpose. Some of the materials and styles are wood, picket, privacy split rail ranch, chain link, wrought iron or aluminum and vinyl.

Fences made from wood include three different types that are picket, privacy and ranch. The picket style includes the classic white picket. They are primarily done for decorative purposes as they provide no privacy or security and are usually about 3 feet tall. They can contain small pets and children. A privacy fence can be as high as 8 feet and has no gaps between the boards. They can screen your property from winds as well. The ranch style offers no protection but is used to keep in large animals such as livestock. They can also be decorative.

The chain link is the most versatile with metal posts and concrete foundations that support the chain link sections. They can vary in height and vinyl slats can be inserted vertically to offer a bit of privacy, otherwise there is none. They are durable and secure when taller.

Wrought iron or aluminum are built for decorative purposes. Aluminum is the less expensive metal. They are similar in structure to the picket except they are set into concrete foundations. They offer no privacy but are easy to maintain and are durable.

Vinyl is a cost effective way to simulate the designs of other fences. They can be made to look like wood or metal. They are very durable and are low maintenance. For your fencing needs contact San Jose Fence.

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