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by Philip Obiedzinski of Obiedzinski, Philip J Dpm ( 28-Mar-2016 )


Dr. Obiedzinski can review your records and offer you his opinion. You may mail, fax or email a synopsis of the problem or question. Dr. Obiedzinski will then contact you & advise you if he can give you an opinion. You will then send him all available records/information as well as any x-rays/MRI/CT scan, etc. Always send copies, not originals. The minimum charge is $100. This service is not covered by insurance. Insurance can only be billed if you are examined in the office & if Dr. Obiedzinski participates with your insurance.

After the file is received Dr. Obiedzinski will contact you with the      fee.

Extensive record review fee is $385 per hour.  This includes an oral report to you. Other fees apply for other services. 


Dr. Obiedzinski treats toe, foot and ankle disorders in patients of all ages. You may have a pre-operative question or desire a second opinion. You may want another opinion on the present treatment you are receiving. You may be looking for treatment alternatives. You may have a coding or billing question. You may be upset with a result and would like to get more information. Dr. Obiedzinski does not offer legal advice. He can give you his opinion as to violation of the standard of care – to a reasonable degree of podiatric medical certainty. He cannot tell you if you should see an attorney to discuss a malpractice action.

With the available technology you do not have live or work near Dr. Obiedzinski. Information can be submitted on CD or paper. An opinion can be given on any type of care provider by any type of provider. It is OK if you have seen your family doctor an orthopedist, general surgeon, plastic surgeon, dermatologist or chiropractor, as long as it involves the foot / ankle.

Dr. Obiedzinski has been reviewing cases & testifying as an expert witness since 1993. His CV & legal resume are available upon request. 






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