Smart Irrigation for Tucson

by Michael Cummins, A Green Star Landscape, LLC of A Green Star Landscape, LLC ( 7-Aug-2015 )

A call to action for increasing responsible water use in southern Arizona has begun! California is facing devastating drought as is much of the southwestern United States. A Green Star Landscape, LLC is located in Tucson Arizona, wants to help residents and business owners respond to the call. The Sonoran desert environment requires careful planning in plant selection and the type of irrigation system to be installed. I have found that more and more of my clients are aware of the need to conserve our limited water resources. Gone are the days of large areas of lush turf. Today landscape irrigation can be managed smarter and more efficiently with the installation of new technology. New products are being introduced to the marketplace and so should new ideas be introduced to the client. The cost of retrofitting an older irrigation system should be viewed not as an out of pocket expense but as an investment in saving water and money now and in the future. 

A Green Star Landscape, LLC designs water efficient irrigation systems which supply the necessary water to provide healthy plant material and sustainable landscape. The smart water technologies can sometimes be added to an older irrigation systems to improve water usage. The call to action might not be as loud in Tucson as drought stricken California but it is coming and the cost of water will not be decreasing. Investing in new technologies and educated new ways of irrigation management can provide a reasonable return on the money spent while enhancing a property's landscape. The green industry is shifting to more advanced technologies and greater water conservation solutions. Providing each client a properly designed and installed irrigation system that is unique to their plant material, soil conditions and site specific factors is the responsibility of a professional irrigation contractor. A Green Star Landscape, LLC provides this individual attention to each client.

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