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by Lynne Grivas of Gingerbred Poodles ( 5-Apr-2010 )

Gingerbred Poodles is located in Tacoma WA in the Great Northwest. ( About five years ago we fell in love with the standard poodle. After much consideration we came to the conclusion that this beautiful breed was the one for us. As one can tell from our name, we also chose the Red color, as it is both beautiful and unique. Ginger is our foundation dam, she has a low COI, Black Points and fully health screened.

Our goal is to improve the Red Standard Poodle which is still a relatively rare color. A beautiful dark red standard poodle with black points is breathtaking and will get many complements. They are traffic stoppers. When visiting the Grand Canyon we had many people stop us to take a picture of our girl Ginger. A lot of people have never seen a poodle this color. We strive to breed genetically sound poodle puppies with correct conformation, deep red color and black points. AKC states that Black Points are preferred for Red Poodles as opposed to Brown points. Some very good sites for reference are:


Optimum pairings are not based solely on aesthetics but on pedigree, (you have to know what’s behind your dog) Genetic health testing, OFA evaluation of hips and CERF testing for eyes. We breed for a low COI (coefficient of inbreeding). All this helps contribute to the betterment of the breed, to healthier standard poodles. Which we hope means fewer trips to the vet and longer lives. Our sire Majestic Sheroc Legend of Fire is from Sheroc poodles. This is a very reputable breeder who has the same goals and high standards. We are breeding Red Standard Poodles for the betterment of the breed, and making a strong bloodline for future generations.


Good nutrition is also of utmost importance. After my father lost his dog to tainted dog food from China a few years back, we did our homework and researched many alternatives. We decided on feeding a Raw diet based on the prey model 80% meat 10% organ and 10% bone. We also add salmon oil, sea meal, yogurt, apple cider vinegar and some fruits and veggies. The results are clean teeth, wonderful coat, fresh breath and glowing health. When we do occasionally feed kibble we use Orijen a grain free kibble. This is beneficial because most dogs that have food allergies have grain allergies. More information Dog nutrition can be found here



Gingerbred Poodles is a small breeder, We only sell on limited registration and we don’t believe in cross breeding. Our puppies are for pets unless private arrangements are made. We want all our puppies to go to loving forever homes. For photos of the Dam and sire, you can visit these sites:



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