The Benefits of Purchasing New Flooring in Bend, Oregon

by Art Gibb, freelance writer on behalf of Distinctive Wood Floors, Inc. ( 24-Oct-2012 )

Choosing the Right Flooring
When purchasing a new home, there are many things for buyers to consider. Among these decisions, buyers have to think about cabinetry, plumbing, paint, flooring and a host of other important decisions. One vital decision to make when purchasing or building a new home is what type of flooring to use. Many people elect to use carpet throughout the majority of their homes. They may use tile in the kitchen, but many other areas in the home have carpet. Unfortunately, there are certain disadvantages to putting carpet throughout an entire house. One important problem is that carpet becomes easily and quickly worn. Carpet stains easily and is often difficult to clean. Though it is less expensive than other types of flooring, homeowners often have to replace carpet more frequently than other types of flooring such as hardwood. When choosing flooring in Bend, Oregon, homebuyers also have to consider where to purchase new flooring. Fortunately, there are quality stores throughout the area that offer wood flooring to Oregon homeowners.

Advantages of Hardwood
One of the many benefits of purchasing hardwood flooring in Bend is that this type of flooring lasts longer than carpet. The flooring becomes much less worn than carpet and it does not change quality the more that people walk on it. Additionally, hardwood flooring cleans much easier. Homeowners can purchase a mop and specialized spray and clean their floors in half the time. Also, hardwood floors clean easily when there is a stain or spill in a room.

Disadvantages of Hardwood
Despite the many obvious benefits of hardwood flooring, some people may complain about the flooring for various reasons. One common complaint is that hardwood flooring is colder on the feet during the winter. Hardwood floors require homeowners to purchase rugs and sometimes even space heaters for people who get cold easily. Another common complaint is that hardwood scratches and buckles easily when wet.

The Better Option
In answer to these concerns, hardwood, while colder in the winter, is nice to have during the hot summer months. Additionally, while hardwood floor can scratch, there are ways to minimize scratch visibility. For instance, people can purchase hardwood flooring that is already distressed. This flooring is still top quality and luxurious looking. In addition, hardwood floor only buckles if it becomes soaked. If there is enough water in a house to buckle hardwood, the chances are high that there is also enough water to buckle carpet. Though hardwood is the more expensive investment, it is certainly the better buy in the long run and the best option for flooring in Bend, Oregon.

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