The Flow of A Wedding

by Jason Shires of Quantum Party Productions ( 26-Aug-2016 )

I personally think The Flow of a Wedding is the most important thing when it comes to the success or people having a good time at the wedding. A wedding needs to have a nice pace so that it's not rushed or worse drawn out, have enough time without being too long and have enough special events within the wedding, not too many though, to remain interesting and not become boring.

Of course, this gets lost in the details of all the planning, dealing with the venue rental times, vendors and their requirements and frankly a lot of event planners or caterers just don't realize how important it actually is to a wedding. They don't get it. To put it simply, there's an artistry to it. Some may say it's a lost art.

It's much more than a time line or remaining flexible. It's planning that slide show after dessert, giving the caterer time to serve cake or guests to help themselves to a dessert station by having a bouquet toss or wedding shoe game so they can then enjoy their cake while watching the slide show. I like to call it "Dessert & A Show".

There are many psychological things that should be factored into the flow of a wedding that guests are not even aware of but absolutely effect the overall outcome of a wedding. For example; many couples feel the need to lie about the actual start time of their ceremony on their wedding invitations to make sure everyone is there on time because their families tend to be late to everything.

However, this has proven to be a mistake. In my experience, I have found that people tend to arrive to a wedding 20-30 minutes prior to the actual ceremony. You may have a few stragglers but if you lie to get people there on time and people actually show up an hour early instead, they will be upset, feel put out having gone through everything they did just to get there and get bored waiting around,  ultimately leaving your wedding earlier in the reception than planned. I have seen this many times over my 20 years of experience as a Wedding DJ & Planner.

I know you may be thinking, how can the flow of a wedding be more important than the food, the photos or even the music. I will explain over my next few articles how the flow actually effects all of those things and ultimately the wedding, so stay tuned.

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