To Begin ,embark your journey starts 仕始める

by Larry Hembel of Bujinkan green bay dojo ( 27-Apr-2017 )

Life is always a beginning or so you should want it to be, if not you are dead ,life is stagnant.

As a budoka you need to train and look inward to yourself testing yourself and conquering your surroundings . Every gain and every fail is in truth a beginning . The journey doesnt end you just keep moving around ,over top and through and you mentally store your information and decipher it .

So this is the way you should be looking at your training at any level you are or feel that you are . The more you train the better skill base you have the more mistakes you can make so that you can adjust to get better . Training with other higher ranks,women and children will teach you or give you a fresh look and perspective on your path or journey that you are on.

To hope that something clicks and you understand your rank or what to do next is like looking at a diner but not walking in to eat in fear of it having no food. There will be something that will come out of what you strive for even if it is finding out that diner is empty.

You need to look at your basics and re teach them and watch high rank and re learn them. It is all the same lines and angles relative to distance and timing.

You can only learn to run by learning to walk and you need to fall and re access to understand how to walk better

Shodan,Godan,Judan and above the journey begins and ends with you and it only ends when you stop.

遠路 Take that journey

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