What is a Machine Shop Anyway?

by Cindy Meyers of MeyersBuilt - Metal Transformations ( 8-Jan-2016 )

What is a machine shop? How can it help me with my repair needs or custom parts?  

The dictionary defines a machine shop as - "a place were metal parts are made and put together".

At a machine shop there are various "machines" to make the metal parts. The machines can include; lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drill presses, heat treating ovens, saws, plasma cutting systems (CNC) and punch presses. 

Many machine shops have the capability to have either a paint, powder coated or galvanized finish put on the manufactured items. Sometimes the final steps are completed at off site facilities.

The machine shop is becoming harder and harder to find since the recession of 2008. Many of the shop owners / operators either sold out, went out of business or lost the businesses. The "ma and pop" shops are slowly becoming a thing of the past with many people retiring from the trade. It is hard to find qualified workers since many trade schools have dropped machining from their course curriculums.

There is always a need for machine shops, especially in small rural areas, for repairing equipment and manufacturing parts.  With the decline in machine shops, the wait time for individual repairs has gone up. When there is down time on farm equipment or business equipment, this effects the bottom line in production.

So when you ask, "What is a machine shop anyway?", now you know how it can help you with your repairs and custom part needs.

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