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House Blessing, Numerology, Smudging products, House blessings, sage, massage therapy, house blessing products, house blessing baskets, spiritual services, .
Aroma Spray, decorative feathers, sage, candles, house blessing gift baskets, spiritual services
House blessing & smudging products and services, numerology, EFT and more!
spiritual well being, spiritual healing, smudging, house blessing, numerology, EFT

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Everything you need to bless/heal/cleanse & smudge your personal space. How many times have you walked into a room after an uncomfortable situation and used the cliché' "The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife"? This tension is energy. It's real & can be felt & affect the space long after the situation is over. BTH... mission is to offer smudging and blessing products, other items & services to help you clear/smudge/bless your personal space! The results of a house blessing ceremony are amazing. See our Smudging Testimonials page. When is it time to Bless or Smudge your home/business or personal space? When a space has had any illness (mental or physical) anxiety, depression, stress, death, negative energy, or any negative life experience. When you are trying to sell or after you have moved into a home or business or vehicle, to enhance prayers and meditation, before and after engaging in any metaphysical activity, when items are brought into your space second hand or antiques, when there has been any sightings/feelings of negative metaphysical activity, when your vehicle or home have been involved in an accident, crime scene or fire/flood etc. When there's been an issue with addiction in a personal space, when there's been a recent divorce, separation or grief in letting go, when seeking clarity and peace of mind or when making any life decision. Energetic Numerology charts are a wonderful resource for finding your life path!

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