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Man Shark Modern Day Fable Awakening Rebirth, Whale Sharks, Donna P. Savage, Pritchard, CanZada, Artwork, Energy Work
The Man and The Shark: A Modern Day Fable of Awakening and Rebirth. Limited edition, full color photography of whale sharks, aquatic life, and wildlife by Daryl Ambress Pritchard and art by Debbie Martin. This is the story of one man's awakening to his inner guiding voice, and a story of getting in touch with one's authentic self. Reviews by 11:11 Magazine, Listed as "New & Notable" Sept 2009 by Sedona Journal of Emergence, and readers. Art by CanZada is a full gallery of contemporary abstract art full of motion, color and vibrant enthusiasm. Dream Catcher Series, Kundalini Series, Psycho Blooms Series, XO's (Hugs and Kisses) Series, Drizzle & Splash Series, Dots & Spirals Series, Graffiti Series, Making Tracks Series. Acrylic on Canvas, sizes range from 4x6" to 40x50". Affordable vibrant art that will bring energy to any room or desk. Ideal Feng Shui tool as most pieces have the full spectrum of color adn LOTS OF ENERGY to assist in the flow of chi.
Energy Work, In-person, remote, long distance: Donna tunes into the field of consciousness of the client and works with them to move through blocks be they emotional, spiritual, physical or mental. Intuitive Writing/Poetry: Donna tunes into the consciousness field and responds either to a list of questions or writes poetry or prose that is designed to unlock the meaning for the specific client. Talk Therapy: By phone, skype, or in-person, Donna draws on a repertoire of tools to help the client move past emotional, mental, physical, spiritual blockages. Donna is a channel, a clairvoyant, clair-sentient, and has a uncanny intuition for tapping into the place the client is most ready to have transformred.
Art, Literature, Healing Arts-Intuitiive, Channel, Energy Worker, Spiritual/Inspiration, Motivation

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CanZada & Company is dedicated to helping individuals tap into their authentic self so they may live a full and abundant life. The products the company offers, both tangible and intangible, are designed to motivate the customer towards this goal. Owner Donna Pritchard aka Donna P. Savage, Author (pen name) aka Art by CanZada, Artist of Contemporary Abstracts. She is an Energy Worker, Intuitive, and Channel, offering a wide spectrum of services. Donna's entire spectrum of products and services is geared towards awakening the individual to their inner gifts, to living inspired lives, to releasing fear and getting in touch with their authentic self. This includes The Man and The Shark: A Modern Day Fable of Awakening and Rebirth--the story of the boy who can fly but grows up to be a disillusioned man--who then has an awakening experience and reclaims his life. Artwork by CanZada is an on-line art gallery of affordable works from 4x6 to 40x 50 of acrylics on canvas. Exuberant, brilliant colors, ideal for feng shui uses, bringing energy to a room and assisting the movement of chi. Energy work, intuitive work, channeling all by Donna done in person, remote or distance. Donna is clairvoyant, clair-sentient, and highly intuitive. Donna is profoundly tuned into field of consciousness and uses this in her work with clients in all formats. Donna is available for Public Speaking events on topics of "Pursue a Dream", "Writing and Publishing My First Book", "What's My Next Thing?", and "My Journey as a Seeker into Awakening".

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