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3304 Poole Road
GreenvilleNC 27610
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What kind of church is Emmaus Church? Emmaus Church is an extension of the Puritan Apostolic Baptist General Assembly Conference, International. Our body of believers is diverse and comes from many denominations and backgrounds. Emmaus does partner with denominations, groups, and organizations that offer vital help in assisting us to accomplish our mission is various areas, such as world missions and leadership development. What are we all about at Emmaus Church? Our mission is to help people follow Jesus. We define a follower of Jesus as someone who gets to know Him and responds. What can I expect at Emmaus? You can expect a group of people that will love you and welcome you for who you are. You will see all different types of people from all different walks of life looking to move forward in their journey with Christ. You will find worship that is alive and relevant, teaching that is helpful and inspiring, and an environment where you can come as you are and be accepted for who you are. In short, you will find a place where you can be comfortable just being you. How do I get more connected at Emmaus Church? There are several ways to take your next step here at Emmaus but our primary way of taking your first step is through Starting Point. Starting Point meets monthly to give an overview of our vision, mission, strategy, and values. This class also discusses the doctrine of the church and the membership process. How do I join Emmaus Church? At Emmaus, we believe that the Bible encourages us to be devoted in fellowship to a local community of believers (Hebrews 10:25). Membership at Emmaus Church begins by attending Starting Point. There you will learn about the vision and mission of the church. Following Starting Point a person agrees to enter a covenant agreement for one year with the leadership and church body at Emmaus. This covenant states three things a member must agree to in order to be a member: 1) I am a born again baptized believer, 2) I will serve faithfully at Emmaus, 3) I will tithe at Emmaus. The leadership and church members agree to serve one another and to pursue together God?s direction for Emmaus Church. What do I do if I need spiritual help in my journey with God? Fill out your request or question on a Connection Card at one of our weekend services. For more immediate help you can seek out one of the pastors in person or send an e-mail to any of our staff members. You will be given top priority in our schedule because at Emmaus, we are all about helping people connect with God through Jesus Christ. How do I get baptized at Emmaus Church? The Bible teaches that baptism is the first step of obedience after having placed your faith in Jesus and in His message. We, as a Body of believers believe that the new convert must be baptized in the water, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This, however, is a public demonstration of an inward faith in Jesus. We do not baptize infants at Emmaus Church, but rather we have dedication services for children. If you would like to get baptized at Emmaus, fill out a Connection Card and one of our pastors will contact you and give you all the details and information you need. What is available for my children? Emmaus Kidz is our weekend ministry to children from infants to 5th grade. We want to provide your children with a loving and caring environment where they can make a real connection with God while at the same time develop friendships with others their age. It all starts with preschool where we begin teaching them simple truths. Kidz GIG is a place for our elementary aged children to come and experience God through engaging in hands-on activities and exciting worship. Everything for infants to 5th grad takes place during the weekend services. We encourage parents to take advantage of our fantastic children?s ministry! What is available for Middle School and High School students? We offer both large and small group ministries for students. Middle School students have their own weekend service that typically takes place during our weekend services. Their services are high energy and have both large and small group elements. High School students also meet on the weekend for a large group service that is similar to the Middle School but more age appropriate. High School students also meet during the week for small group bible studies. Our student ministry also places a focus on seasonal events, retreats, camps, and mission trips. Every Sunday evening at 5:30 the students meet at the student building for Uprising. What is the long term vision of Emmaus Church concerning land and buildings? Our vision from the beginning has been to have a city-wide impact that would enable us to have a global impact. We feel that this can best be accomplished through the process of multiplication and duplication. Church planting is a strategic focus of Emmaus Church. Our vision is to plant churches all over the triangle area and together reach this region for Christ. What if I have more questions about Emmaus Church? We will take the time to answer any of your questions. Just email us at: churchinfo@walkingwithchristtoemmaus.org. ____________________________ Quite often in America we, as Citizens encounter masses of homeless individuals, who for whatever social reason do not have housing stability, proper medical care, and in some cases, a place to go for specified and comprehensive psychological treatment. Even so, we who are more fortunate have a moral duty as members of this great Country to seek out and identify those less advantaged and provide our moral, financial and spiritual support to those individuals. Because the need is so great and far reaching, the Emmaus, Puritan Apostolic Baptist Church has identified a select group of homeless Mothers, Children and War Veterans who are deserving of our most passionate support. Therefore, it is our mission to continue to identify local homeless persons in need of housing, employment, equipment for the handicapped, drug, alcohol, psychological and/or family counseling. Proper screening and the community?s committed and ongoing financial support will enable us to assess specific needs of each client, and will aid Emmaus' Social Outreach Department to route the less fortunate to the appropriate resource provider. But we cannot provide these services without your continued support. It is an unchallenged fact that homeless individuals often encounter difficulties others may deem routine. Post traumatic stress, infirmities, prolonged periods of alienation from family and friends imposes psychological, physical and financial hardships on the misplaced family or individual. Such conditions experienced by the homeless, if lefted unchecked has proven to be problematic to the homeless person(S) as well as the community. It is thus incumbent upon us as Children of the Most High to remember that we, the blessed therefrom, have blessedly received God's best from our Savior who gave to us His unconditional love and compassion when He hung, bled and died on Calvary's Cross for our diobolical sins. Of course, we did not deserve His Sacrificial Death, but we can show our appreciation by following Jesus' directive of love; "Love your Brother, just as Christ loves the Church. For this cause, we owe a responsibility of gratitude to give of our time, and our resources to the welfare of our fellow brothers and sisters in need. The Emmaus, Puritan Apostolic Baptist Church family have trained staff members to provide counseling, occupational guidance and housing assistance to the homeless individuals of our communities. Affordable or free housing will be available to a limited group directly through the organization?s shelter program. Moving the down trodden homeless person(S) forward towards a more manageable life is the central focus and goal of our Church. Will you become a partner today? Currently, the Repairers of the Breach Outreach Ministries United has launched its campaign for relief efforts for Haiti's earthquake victims.

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