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Are you a competitive club golfer with a handicap of 15 or less who feels your game is stuck in neutral? Do you wonder why you can't consistently lower your scores, regardless of what you do? Oh, there is the occasional round where everything falls into place and you play exceptionally well. But too often that good round is followed by mediocre, inconsistent or even poor rounds where nothing seems to go right. And you wonder why. Maybe it's time you learn more about the mental game of golf. Most golfers will spend thousands of dollars over the years with some type of assumption that they can "buy" a better game. New clubs, new shafts, countless practice range lessons with a swing coach or a PGA teaching pro, instructional dvds or even TV infomercial gadgets. Or you hit the gym and increase you core strength and improve your flexibility and suppleness. Or you get "launch monitor computerized" by a professional club builder and have all your golf clubs custom fitted to your personal specs. You can do all these things right yet your scorecards always seem to tell the same old story. And you wonder why. Most golfers intuitively agree that at least 50% of playing well is mental. Yet most golfers don't spend any time practicing to improve their mental skills or understand the psychology of golf. Why? Because most golfers don't know WHAT to practice, HOW to practice or WHEN to practice. Mental skills have to be TAUGHT and if nobody has ever taught them to you, you don't know them. Some golfers are natural born athletes and can master the physical skills of ANY sport rather quickly. But golf seems different than almost any other sport and it is from a mental perspective. What I call the "mental swing" has to be taught first. And once understood it has to be practiced even MORE so than the physical swing. It is a learning process that takes time and practice, not an inherited trait. At Golfmentali-Tee, I will teach you the mental golf tips that I was taught, refined over 30 years through personal trial and error, that made me a far better competitive club player than I SHOULD have ever been. I have played with buchu club players over the past 30 years whose handicap has literally been stuck on a plateau for YEARS. I knew I could help them with their mental game to lower their score, but kept everything I knew close to the vest, as I was trying to beat these guys. Now that I am no longer able to play the game physically due to my nerve damage, I would like the opportunity to share what I know with you. It is my way of giving back to the game I have had the absolute JOY to play for 50 years. For the price of a new driver, I will teach you the mental skillset I have learned over the past 50 years of playing this great game. $300 USD total for 3 telephone consultations. $100 USD per session each lasting about 1 hour. As a club player, I speak your language. I've been there, experienced everything you have, and know what club golfers need to know about the mental side of golf. I keep things simple. I am easy to listen to and am easy to talk to. I love to use analogies so you can understand as completely as possible what I am trying to get across. I encourage you to ask questions at any time

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