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Master of Ceremonies Many DJs will make the announcements throughout the evening that are necessary to keep your guests informed and your reception moving along. But a true Master of Ceremony will take that service to the next level and rather than just "announce" what is happening next build it into something special. An example: While introducing Sara and Bill to their guests and bringing them into their first dance together, I made the following announcement that lasted only 90 seconds but changed the mood in the room of 300+ people immediately. As the newlyweds entered the room, I stated: "Ladies and gentlemen please stand and welcome our guests of honor with a big round of applause. MR. & MRS. BILL AND SARA BARNES." While they stood facing each other on the dance floor flooded with blue light, I went on to say, "It is obvious as you look at this couple here before you that they are in love. But what you may not know is the story behind the story. In the fall of 2005, they were two very active students at TCU. Both busy with their studies and Sara was playing soccer and Bill was running track. They were introduced by a mutual friend while in a study hall and became friends. It wasn't long before the friendship grew stronger and they discovered that they had become each other's best friend. It took four years but eventually they started dating and that strong friendship developed into love. Then on February 7th, 2010, while visiting the church where both his parents and grandparents were married, Bill asked Sara to be his wife. This sounds like a wonderful love story, but it is, in fact, just the first chapter in a love story. One that, I am sure will last for many years to come. So here we are today watching Sara and Bill dancing together for the first time as husband and wife." Music begins. If this is the type of introductions you would like to have on your special day, we need to talk. I know that we can find your love story and present it in a way that you feel comfortable sharing and your family and guests will appreciate being a part of. Disc Jockey It is crucial to the success of your event to have the right music played at the right time. Our DJs are trained and experienced reading a crowd and then responding with the right music to get them dancing and having a great time. We have online music selection tools for your convience so you can give us your input to the songs you want to have played at your event. Also we offer a "Do Not Play" list for you to complete, so that old love song that you now hate doesn't pop up. We have a large and diverse music library that features over 60,000 hit selections from the 1940s through today hottest hits. We have every spectrum of music: R&B, hip-hop, rap, disco, funk, soul, Motown, dance, rock & roll, alternative, oldies, country, salsa, meringue, big band, swing, waltz, jazz and standards. Lighting We can set up a complete light show that will complement the music and create an air of excitement. Our accent up lighting can change the reception hall into a beautiful color filled world that suits your event. Our dance floor lighting can be set up to match the mood of the music, full of energy, movement and color, or slow and graceful as a waltz plays on. Both systems are computer controlled and we will spend the time to create the program that fits your event perfectly. We also offer projection lights that will put your monogram in the middle of the dance floor or a special message up on the main wall for all your guests to enjoy. This can be as simple or elaborate as you desire with many custom images for your selection. All of our lights are LED so they will draw very little electricity and put out almost no heat. The last thing you want is for one of your guest to get burned from a hot old bulb style light. Of course, all of our equipment is setup in a professional manner for a neat and attractive appearance. Live Bands Whether you want to rock to the oldies or glide the night away to smooth ballroom sounds, nothing beats a quality live band. Obviously, this is more expensive than a DJ playing recorded music but it creates a mood that your guests will appreciate and make you the host of the event that everyone is talking about for a long time to come. We have several bands that we work with and can provide a wide assortment of musical styles for you to choose from. Because bands will need a break or two during a long evening, we recommend that you also have a DJ set up on hand to fill those moments between sets to keep the party alive. Availability is limited so we recommend that you book well in advance for the "best" bands are always booked first. Officiants If you have decided on a particular pastor, priest or minister, we can help there too. We have officiants of all types that will perform your wedding service. Let us know what you are wanting, whether it is a special speaking style, very elaborate, something simple, male, female, more or less religion. We will find the right person to fit your needs and desires.

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PERSONALITY: Our Masters of Ceremonies are able to deliver an evening with style and flair. Each Fort Worth wedding DJ and Dallas wedding DJ has had years of training in public speaking and have the knowledge to work with your guest in a way that makes them feel that they are appreciated. It's simple, we make you and your guests feel special. And with JaBel Productions you may meet your Master of Ceremonies and DJ before your event if you choose and discuss how you want your evening to flow. In fact, if you are having a wedding, we encourage you to meet with them before you sign the contract just to make sure that the personalities match for that perfect evening. We are committed to giving you the special event that you are looking for. MUSIC: It is crucial to the success of your event to have the right music played at the right time. We have a large and diverse music library that features over 60,000 hit selections from the 1940s through today. We have every spectrum of music: R&B, hip-hop, rap, disco, funk, soul, motown, dance, rock & roll, alternative, oldies, country, salsa, meringue, big band, swing, waltz, jazz and standards. Our DJs are trained professionals with the experience to make your party a big hit. All of our music is available online so you can help with the selections from the comfort of your home. We welcome your input because who knows your guests better than you. LIGHTING: We can set up a full light show to go along with the great music. Our lighting is 100% LED and digitally controlled. We offer "club style" dance floor lighting and beautiful room accent up-light fixtures for any size event. Lighting sets the mood and helps to create the atmosphere you are looking for. Whether it is an elegant dining experience or an electrifying nightclub dance floor, our lighting experts can deliver. Don't settle for ordinary when for just a few dollars more you can have "Extraordinary". PLANNING: Our expertise in planning parties and Fort Worth & Dallas wedding receptions comes from more than 15 years experience working with clients like you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We don't take planning your event lightly because we believe that every event we do deserves our "best" efforts. Whether it is your wedding day or your daughter's Sweet Sixteen party, we will spend the time and energy necessary to make your event a success. JaBel Productions offers you free online planning and music selection tools that allow your input in the planning of your special event.

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