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White papers and earnest conversations to figure out where you are and where you need to be - and all kinds of deliverables to get you there. From a new logo, if you need it, to a better web presence, to marketing campaigns and employee training. It's all about keeping your current best customers and clients happy and making them even happier - and then offering your best stuff to people who would love it so much (and yes, I'm talking about serious professionals here) that they'll pay what it's really worth.
What if you never had to answer an RFP again because you and your people just don't have time? If, when the phone rang, or people emailed you looking for your products and services, you told them when you could fit them in - and that they'd need to pay a 50% premium if they wanted their order, or their consulting report, any sooner than three months from now? There are ways to do it, and the methods are all around us - if we're willing to open our eyes and apply them to our own operations. As a start, we've put together a few strategies that can get you thinking - and moving - in the right direction. They're in a complimentary report you can download at - 16 ways to raise profits in 2011, no matter what else is going on in your niche, your industry or the economy at large.
Technology, finance, construction, business-to-business, professional services
Institute for Advanced Practices in Advertising

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Most of us understand what marketing is supposed to be for: to generate revenue. But what's branding for? What is branding, in the first place? Branding is how we tell companies and products apart. How we know who's got the good stuff, with the great service, and who's pushing the cheap junk. That means it's a lot more than just logos and signage, and what color your website and truck are. (Though those things can help or hurt.) But it's also the actual quality of your products, and how your people answer the phone. Whether you meet deadlines, and how you make up for it if you're late, and what you do if the shipping box is torn when your product gets delivered. And based on all of that, it's your ability to command the pricing you need to make a profit

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