Peters Health Restoration

1954 Howell Branch Rd. Suite 112
Winter Park, FL 32792
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Chiropractor in Winter Park Florida, Florida, central Florida, wellness, preventive health care, chronic pain, failed low back surgeries, stiffness, fatigue, treatment of auto injuries, scoliosis, stress, obesity and overweight, neck pain, headaches
We use a Bio-Meridian which measures frequencies in the body and shows what is strong or weak and what nutritions are needed to correct the problem. The Frequency Specific Micro-Current machine is set for specific times and placed on different parts of the body, administers currents of electricity which aids in the healing of the body. The Activator method of Chiropractic is a gentle style which an Activator gun in used. It is spring loaded and moves bones in a gentle manner. It also shows when and when not to adjust. AK, or applied kinesiology is a muscle testing method which shows what muscle are strong or weak and by that it shows what organs in the body are in need and what nutritions are needed QA, or Quintessential Applications is taking AK to another level. QA shows what in the body needs to be corrected first, next and last and in that order for optimum results. Nutrition is a huge part of AK and QA, when muscle testing it is shown what nutritions are needed for optimum results.
Chiropractic, advanced proficiency rated activator technique, bioelectrical impedance measurement utilizing the Bio-Meridian, frequency specific Micro-current, motor vehicle accidents, nutritional testings - urine, saliva and neurotransmitters, treatment for fibromyalgia, fatigue, highblood pressure, cholesterol, and other chronic issues, treatment for acute and chronic pain from low back, neck, shoulder, or hip, weight loss and Obesity
Advanced proficiency rated Activator method chiropractor

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Activator chiropractor with 30 years experience using Applied kinesiology and Quintessential Application muscle testing. Bio-meridian and frequency specific Micro-current machines are used in my practice. These machines and my style of chiropractic deal not only with bones in the body, but with every organ in the body and what nutrition is needed and why.

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