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Poop Scooping -Scooping the poo is were we clean up ALL of your pets messes, from the front yard to the back and everywere in between. What we mean by this is that we will go into your yard and take our time , from front to back making sure we get EVERY pice of poo that your loving animal can produce. Prices are based on a 1/2 acre yard, if more then half acre , additional fees may apply. Litter Box Service - We offer a litterbox service where we will start you off with two litterboxes per box you are using in the house. On the scheduled cleaning date, set up the freshly cleaned litter box and just set your dirty box ouside for us to service. There is never a need for us to come inside your home! When we arrive, we will empty the dirty box, clean, disinfect and refill it ready to use next time. Most of our customers prefer the weekly cleaning, but we are able to come up to 5 days a week. Spot Treatment - Spot treatment is a spray used with your waterhose that deodorizes the spots where your dog does his business. Works on both stool and urine spots. Can get the odor out of your yard for a fresh clean smell. Spot Repellant - Spot repellant is a spray that can be used on any surface: gardens, sidewalks, porches, furniture, driveways, flowers, etc. It can be used as a great training device for those who have tried and tried with no success. Fill Up Your Dog or Cat Food Or Water Bowl - We will fill up you pets food and water bowl on e regular basis so you dont have to worry about it, or we can schedule it if you are going out of town for a few days, we will leave you information on how much they eat, and anything out of the ordinary. Emergency Cleaning - Need an emergency cleaning? We are always on call in case you need us asap! We understand that families, parties and many other events may arrise at any given minute, and we are always ready to scoop the poop.
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Pooper Scoopers was founded in February of 2012. We are family owned and operated, and are located in Mobile, Alabama. Pooper Scoopers specializes in the pickup and removal of pet waste, wherever it lays!! We strive to provide professional, reliable, affordable service. ? Pooper Scoopers keeps scooping all year, your pets never stop pooping, so we never stop scooping. We scoop in all kinds of weather, but if it gets too bad and we cant clean your yard on the scheduled date, we will be there to clean within 48 hours, and dont worry, you will not be charged if we were unable to clean because of bad weather. ? We are HUGE animal lovers, especially dogs, so we like to meet "Rover" on the initial service visit so that everyone is introduced and so we are welcomed into the yard in the future. If "Rover" does not allow us into the yard, he will have to be put up until we leave. If we are unnable to enter the yard on a scheduled cleaning becase "Rover" will not allow us, we will still have to charge you for that visit and set up a better time to clean. ? We have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! If you are not 100% satisfied with the cleaning after we finish, we will revisit your property within 24 hours. ? We also offer other services. We will clean and refill your cats litter box, refill your dog or cats water and food, spot treatment for your yard (deoderizing spray used with your waterhose) , Off limits spray to keep your dog away from certain areas. ? Pooper Scoopers has a great refferal program, for every person you reffer to us, we will put $50 towards your bill. We also offer a 10% discount for a 6 month prepayment, and a 15% discount for a 12 month prepayment. Pooper Scoopers does not require a contract, you can cancel at anytime. ?

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