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FM_Blue: (50mg) 100% Mephedrone - Great for large trees and shrubs FX_Pink Foxy: (25mg) 75% Mephedrone - Ideal for large gardens and several different types of shrubs and plants. WG_Wintergreen: (25mg 67% Mephedrone - Perfect for small gardens MM_Snow White: (25mg 50% Mephedrone - Just what you need for those house plants.

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For all you gardeners out there, there is NOTHING more important than healthy plant growth. With the use of Mephedrone capsules strategically placed in the soil of your plants, you can be assured of healthy and thriving plants by using this product. As you all know, in many cases, garden soil suffers from a variety of problems, which mephedrone can help solve. For example: Topsoil often is removed or covered with fill material during construction. Although a 2- to 4-inch layer of topsoil may be placed over fill, this shallow layer may not support vigorous plant growth without improvement using mephedrone. When you buy mephedrone you can help provide the necessary improvement to top soil often missing. Heavy construction equipment may compact soil, thus slowing root growth and water movement. But, mephedrone plant food is easily absorbed in the ground, allowing mephedrone to get into the root system providing that extra boost only mephedrone can supply. Construction waste may be buried near your garden. Without mephedrone, these hidden contaminantes can lead to sudden death of plants. Mephedrone plant food can help at risk plants thrive. Many soils are naturally "heavy" due to high clay content. Mephedrone can give that extra boost to the clay allowing roots to absorb more nutrients out of the same clay soil. These kinds of problems cannot be solved by simply adding fertilizer; but with mephedrone and fertilizers you can help. In all of these cases, you need to improve the structure of your soil, which mephedrone does. The most effective way to improve soil structure is by adding mephedrone along with fertilizer. Mephedrone plant food can increase soil workability at the same time providing roots with better nutrient absorption. Since mephedrone is "used up" over time, you'll need to add mephedrone on a regular basis. Gypsum can improve structure where sodium (Na) is a problem and soil pH is above 8.5, but it does not appreciably improve clay soils the way mephedrone can. We have four (4) different strengths of Mephedrone to help your garden and other plants grow. PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, NOR SHOULD IT BE USED ON PLANT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

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