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The Handbook of Hip & Knee Joint Replacement: Through the Eyes of the Patient, Surgeon & Medical Team

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Want to know more about: -- Deciding on a hip replacement -- Deciding on a knee replacement -- What's going on in your arthritic joints -- Choosing your surgeon -- Preparing your home -- Your options for anesthesia -- How long you'll be in the hospital -- How long it will take to recover -- Physical therapy and why you need it -- What your life will be like afterward The Handbook of Hip & Knee Joint Replacement: Through the Eyes of the Patient, Surgeon & Medical Team" is the new, definitive resource for joint replacement! Written by a knee replacement patient and his surgeon, a hip patient, an anesthesiologist and a physical therapist--this must-have guide uses clear, concise language to inform your decision, and-if you proceed-guides you through the entire journey. Ronald R. Hugate Jr., MD, is Chairman of Orthopedics at Presbyterian/St Luke's Hospital in Denver, CO, and specializes in both hip and knee replacement, as well as bone oncology. He's also a Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserves and highly decorated as a combat surgeon. He and coauthor, Robert Holland, PMP, use their combined insight and empathy to help you decide "When You Need a Joint Replacement?" as well. Dr. Hugate then explains--in layman's terms--the "Nuts and Bolts of the Hip and Knee", the effects of aging, and "How to go about Selecting a Surgeon: Do's and Don'ts"--all critical to your decision making! He then shares his "Thoughts and Observations about Patients", and compares the issues concerning "Two Knees or One?" and why hips are usually done one at a time. Dr. Francine Campone then gives her knowledge, wisdom and insight about her own personal "Journey Through Two Hip Replacements" and carefully describes the issues and challenges. Next, Dr. Hugate introduces you to "Your Medical Team"-the key people involved in your surgery and recovery, why they're needed, and how they work together. Robert Holland then teaches you what to do to when "Preparing Your Home" before surgery-so you can enjoy the best, safest, most uneventful and successful recovery possible. Next, Gianni Checa MD, Pain Management Specialist/Anesthesiologist, has written a fascinating and comprehensive chapter about the often misunderstood and mysterious "Anesthesia Options in Joint Replacement Surgery"-helping you make educated choices, what to ask for after surgery, and shares his best recommendations. Robert Holland then takes you through "The Hospital Stay"-while Dr. Hugate comments throughout by explaining what's going on, adding his own recommendations, and shining a 'surgeon's light' on the entire journey. Inger Brueckner, MSPT-our wonderful physical therapist-then teaches you why "Physical Therapy for Hip and Knee Surgery" is so essential-adding her own, deep well of knowledge, descriptions, and expertise about the need for physical therapy-and how properly done therapy translates into an excellent outcome! Dr. Hugate then explores "What Can Go Wrong?", identifying the risks and how they're managed from start to finish. He then portrays "Life After Joint Replacement" and how your new joint implant guides and may enhance your life forever. Lastly, Dr. Hugate and Robert share their "Final Thoughts"-wrapping up this handbook up in an elegant and enlightening summation. But Wait-there's more! We also cover "Insurance Matters", give you some "Checklists for Home, Logistical Issues and Hospital" and "Exercises to Prepare for-or Rehabilitate from-Hip or Knee Replacement", all to help you strengthen and achieve wellness. Ryan Counts, CGA, brings his excellent talents as illustrator too! Working closely with Dr. Hugate and Robert, Ryan has created unrivaled illustrations throughout and also contributed his great sense of humor (and fun cartoons) to uplift an otherwise heavy subject. Dr. Ross Wilkins, Medical Director the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk, writes our foreword, and Dr. Walter Buck, Professor and Chair of the Department of Structural Medicine at Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, did the technical review of the handbook. You won't be disappointed with the combined experience, knowledge, talents, wisdom and 'professional qualifications' of the authors and contributors in this easily understood and informative look at the journey through joint replacement-a uniquely excellent work on this complex and often confusing subject!

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