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Investigating Tools and Equitment for Paranormal Reserch.Our website is www.unsolvedmysteriesandparanormalsocitey.com,email blackcloud24014@yahoo.com
Too investigate places where possible paranormal activity is being seen or Mysteries of the Unknow.We use scientific evidence to determin our decidions.
Taps Family,and Blue Ridge Paranormal

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Hello My name is Gary and the Founder of Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Society. We are located in Roanoke Virginia.I wanted to find someway other things other than it to be the supernatural in a house or building to belive, but found out it was very hard not too.I have been a stormchaser for the past 30 years,then got into the paranorma just 12 years ago.I also spent 20 years of my time reserching ufo's.We and Unsolved Mysteries do not even know whats out there or yet to be experenced but I do know one day us or a very good paranormal team will find it.Belive me there are some very good paranormal teams in and around Virginia. Others on my team have years of experence of the same.I belive there is forces out there we don't understand and we as a group are out there to investigate,search,and take a scienctific approuch to what we do.I have a team of zoooliget,envoromentalest, to help me whenever I need them for proof.My team is down to earth people who can feel the pain of someone who's going through a paranormal experence that may be making them unsafe so we get down to there level and still be professional at what we do.Not all places have paranormal actitivy sometimes it just takes a good investigation and a little common sence to make it come out right.We have a professional cameraman who came to us from a very big cable channel and we are very proud to have him with the our group to use the equitment,and pictures so we can share it with you. Also the equitment to do the job we need to do.It takes someone with a open mind to know that things are waiting to be found or experenced and its out there.We at Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Society( DO NOT CHARGE FOR OUR INVESTIGATIONS.)We are happy to come out and try to help as much as we can to make the best investigation we can.

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