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customized--1. T-shirts, polo shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, knits, etc. 2. Jackets, shirts, blouses, shorts, slacks, jeans, ties, even underclothes 3. All kinds of hats, caps, beanies, visors, earmuffs, kerchiefs, etc. 4. Kitchen linens such as dish towels, dish cloths, table clothes, napkins 5. Sheets and pillowcases 6. Bath and hand towels, wash cloths 7. Aprons, scarves, handkerchiefs 8. Purses, totes, bags(computer, garment, duffel, grocery, etc.), briefcases, knapsacks, etc. 9. Paper materials such as greeting cards 10. Pet (non-human friends) products (including address identifications if desired): collars, harnesses, leashes, pet shirts (As for warmth. Some we can make to order.) 11. Vests with varying amounts of utility (as for fishing, photography, personal). (Some we can make to order.) 12. Oddities such as clocks, toys(but not if potentially dangerous), uniforms (there is a method for just about anything) As can be seen there is a host of existing items for a variety of gifts for babies, children, teens, guys, ladies, gentlemen, the person with everything. And remember, any of these can be embellished with your statements, design idea, etc. on it---a great gift for anyone and you will surely be remembered every time they see it or use it. Education Embroidery Specialty: With T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. you can reinforce student learning with vital subject information such as math formulas, chemistry, physics, biology, history, geography, etc., from grade school, high school, college straight through to graduate school knowledge levels. Even school clubs can use this advantage, It is a great way to keep the subject knowledge base active and alive, so important to students learning more and more, rather than wearing such clothing with advertisements or other distractions. Green-Yellow-Red Light Entrapment Analysis
customization, especially embroidery, in-depth analyses Open 24 hours through internet services.
embroidery,sewing,clothing,gift,crafts,electronic,wood,metal,writing,design,invention,many others
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These are interactively made products where you submit the embroidery design idea and we create the design and submit it back to you for approval after which we make it happen. It can be on materials available to us or on your own materials and the method of doing so will vary with the material and the possibilities. Every product can thus be quite unique. Generally, you would be interested in a unique product for yourself, or for some friend(s), with some personal statement and you would then initiate the simple idea, including your basic design if you have started it, by email. It is your chance to say something your way, verbally, symbolically, artistically. We put your thoughts on your item not what someone else says or wants to promote. It is your Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame. Typical custom embroidery products may have names, monograms, logos, personal statements, a variety of designs, etc. placed as desired if possible.

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