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Vacuum Tube Audio, Vintage Tube Audio, Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, Valves and Audio Tubes (NOS = New Old Stock, Used = Pulls, and Current Production = Reissue). Vacuum Tube Brands: Brimar, Mullard = Mullard Radio Valve Co. (Blackburn, Micham, Salford, Whyteleafe, Fleetwood, Waddon) Cossor (Highbury), Edison Swan, Telefunken, RCA, Sylvania, Bugle Boy logo, GE, Rogers, AEI (Asssociated Electrical Industries Ltd.), STC (Standard Telephone and Cable Co.), Ericsson, La Radio Technique, MO Valve Co., Gramophone Co., Philips (Eindhoven, Holland; Stockholm, Sweden; Hendon, Australia), EEV (English Electric Valve Co.,) MWT (Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd.), Ferranti, British Tungsram, Osram GEC Lamp Works, Western Electric, Eimac, Valvo, Northern Electric, Cunningham, Westinghouse, Visseaux, Tung-Sol (Tungsol = Tung Sol), Hytron, Zaerix, Philco, Wizard, CeCo, Raytheon, Zenith, National Union = National-Union, Teonex, KEN-RAD, Rafayett, Bendix, Genalex, CBS-Hytron, AMV (Amalgamated Wireless Valve Co. Pty Ltd.), Miniwatt, Tesla. Heintz & Kaufman, Ltd., Mytron, Hammond, Amperex, CEI, Motorola, Ediswan Valve Type: 12AX7, 12AU7, EL34, GZ34 / 5AR4, 6FQ7, 5U4G, more..... Analog / Digital, Vintage / Modern audio equipment! Audio Power Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Source Components, Power Conditioners, Power Cables and Audio Cables and more! Antique Radios, Tube Testers, Tube Sockets Vintage Guitar Amplifiers, Vintage Guitars, Rare Books, Vintage Ads and Posters. Coming soon: Professional audio equipment. We also supply: Rare Collector Items Valuable
VTubeAudio is here to help you in your quest for finding the sound you desire. Musical bliss is simple with our help. We make it easy with three easy steps: 1. Relax and let us take care of you. 2. Indulge in the very best available! 3. Enjoy the sound of the music.
Hi Fideltiy Audio, Antique Radio, HAM Radio, Vintage Audio Equipment, Tube Amplifier Equipment, Tube Gear, Vacuum Tube Audio, Electronic Equipment, Stereo Equipment, Two Channel Listening
Tube Collectors Association

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VTubeAudio is more than just products. VTubeAudio is here to provide a service and access to other aspiring audiophiles so that an exchange of information and enjoyment can take place. Yes, VTubeAudio is also a place to find vacuum tubes, valve equipment and state of the art audio equipment. After all, this is the stuff that sweet dreams are made of.

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