Watt Horse-ManShip

1411 S 600 W
Woods CrossUT 84011
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Awarded Horsemanship Level 3

Business Description

The Purpose of Utah Horse-ManShip: This movement, between horse and owner is a worthy one, one that is needed and at the very beginning, ethical. When one asks about horsemanship and horse training, the question that immedietly comes to mind is; where do we begin? The thought of an intimate relationship with an animal of that size, power, strength and sensitivity is at the very beginning, either unbelieveable or one might say unbelieveable for me. There are great lessons we can learn, though developing the kind of relationship that were talking about, that can and will have a significant impact on the all the relationships in our lives. As well as the changes that will happen in us as we learn the needs of the horse, such as; love, language and leadership. The great horseman and horsewomen of this day as well as days of old are engaged in my mind a worthy cause, to better the lives of horses. As all movements that are of a worthy nature, it takes alot of dreaming, work, and planning and as with all worthy causes, succeeding regardless of the critics that say it can't be done. As with all movements that put a mental strain on old thought and habit patterns, new knowledge needs to be acquired and in almost all cases at a cost. As an eutrepeneur myself, I am not opposed to creating a profit, because after all if there's no margin there's no mission. However for movements and missions to be effective, that knowledge needs to be accessible to all that desire it, even if it comes at a price. That's the purpose of Utah Horse-ManShip, to make this knowledge available to all that have a desire, as well as to educate individuals. Meaning us, it's us that need to change. Yes, horses do have responsibilities in the relationship between horse and human, but we must fulfill our responsibilities first, after all as a great horseman of our day has said," horses are fine just the way they are."

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