Web Guardian Services, L.L.C.

88 Old Broadway West Suite E
North Haven, CT 06473-1738

Fax: (203) 234-9603
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eBlaster, Monitor Chat, Monitor IM, Monitor Email, Document Tracking, Monitor or Block Web Sites, Keyword Monitoring, Email Recording, Monitor File Transfer, Email Filtering, Record Keystrokes, Keyword Alert, Monitor Online Searches, Monitor User Activity, Online Child Predators, Monitor MySpace, Monitor Facebook, Sex Offenders, Cyber Stalking, Identity Theft.
eBlaster Spector Pro for Windows
Did you ever get stuck with software you couldn't install or get to work? You're throwing your hard earned money away. ? Our professionals will install and demonstrate the use of the software so you can start receiving it's benefits from day one.

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Our Software is useful at home and at work. Because the software records nearly every type of computer activity and sends reports by email, you have the power to uncover the truth about what's going on, no matter where you are. It's as easy as checking your email. Who's using the computer? Perhaps you suspect that someone is using your computer when you are not around, without your permission. The software only sends reports when your computer is being used, so if you see reports from a time frame when you know YOU weren?t using the computer, you?ll know somebody else was. ?What are the kids up to? Because the software records email, web sites visited, keystrokes typed and file-sharing activity and sends what it records to you, you'll get a heads-up if your child becomes tempted by inappropriate Internet activity, or if more game-playing than homework is taking place after school. ?Is anyone invading the family cyberspace? Protect your family from adults who use the Internet to lure unsuspecting children, especially through social networking, chat rooms, or instant messaging. Whether you are at home, at work, or thousands of miles away, you'll be in a position to block access and stop danger dead in its tracks long before it has a chance to cause real harm. ?Having trouble tracking information? The software provides a convenient record of web sites visited, messages sent or received, as well as content typed into any type of document. If you've lost track of crucial information, or when those unfortunate computer crashes occur, your email archives will provide the means to recover lost information. ?At the Office, is the web eating away at productivity? While the Internet has become indispensable for nearly all types of work, it's also become the primary workplace time-waster. Downloading music, watching sports webcasts, shopping, incessant instant messaging, and so on, can eat up large portions of an employee's day. You can't watch them every minute, but our software can. When employees know their activity is being monitored, they drastically reduce frivolous and bandwidth-hogging activity. ?Need liability protection? Your company may be liable for any illegal or unethical activity that occurs on company-owned computers. Our software makes it easy to investigate wrongdoers. ?Worried about being away? Because our software delivers reports by email, you can check up on productivity even if you are thousands of miles away from the main office. You won't miss out on important sales-related email thread or even a minute of IM discussion. ?Suspecting information leaks? Tighten security and diminish the leaking of confidential company information by setting alerts based on document names or content of communications. Keep an eye on file transfers and document movement. Whether its human resource data, customer data, or valuable knowledge, our software will tip you off about breaches in security before it's too late. Need to meet compliance requirements? There's no better way to prove compliance than with complete and exact logs of all electronic communications and transactions - email, chat, and photographic screen snapshots. What if your computer is stolen? If your laptop or desktop computer is stolen, our software will continue to send reports to you, including the computer's IP address, whenever the computer is connected to the Internet. You can provide the IP address to law enforcement authorities along with other contents of the summary reports, increasing the chances your computer will be recovered.

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