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19900 S. Main St. 5C
CorneliusNC 28031
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Spiritual Baths - Handmade herbal baths with specific purpose; such as Protection, Cleansing, Abundance and more.
*Wholistic Healing through the Chakra's - Programming from childhood experiences and cultural values can cause our chakras to be blocked. A child who is physically abused learns to shut out her/his body sensations. A child who is emotionally neglected shuts down the emotional second chakra. A culture that denies sexuality and promotes obedience to authority forces us to shut down our second and third chakras. Noise pollution, unattractive surroundings, or lies make us shut down our fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras. Past pain or stress, whatever its source, affects the healthy functioning of our chakras. This is a simplification of a complex process, which we will explore through journal exercises and other forms of healing modalities for each of the chakras. *Master Reiki Practitioner - Aziza is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner. Reiki is Japanese for "Universal Life Force Energy", or "Spiritually Guided Energy". During each session Aziza listens intuitively to your body, your guides and those guided by Spirit to assist with your personal Reiki healing session. *Distance Attunements/Healing - The energy of Reiki is just as powerful and will not lose its healing ability in any way, regardless of where you are on this beautiful planet. Reiki distance healing sessions are just as effective as in-person healing sessions. Your distance healing session may include, Reiki, healing with crystals, healing meditation, angel consultation, cleansing ritual, divination with guides and or Ancestors. *Wholistic Life Coaching - As your personal Coach Aziza will use her gifts of Clairvoyance, Clair-Audience, Clair-Sentience, Medium-Ship and other wholistic coaching tools to assist you on your healing journey. *Intuitive Readings - Using her natural gifts Aziza works with Divine Spirit, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Nature Spirits, and all those guided by Spirit to answer your questions regarding personal growth and development, finances, relationships, career and more. *Chakra Clearing & Balancing - Aziza will conduct an evaluation which will assist her in compiling a more complete plan for bringing your Chakra's and your energetic fields into balance which will include Chakra clearing and balancing. Chakra's that are out of balance can create an environment for dis-ease within the physical body as well as emotional imbalances that may mimic a variety of emotional disorders. *Spiritual Counseling - Using her natural gifts Aziza will work with you to uncover and remove worn out belief systems and thought patterns that can be detrimental to your spiritual and personal growth and development. Every one's spiritual journey is highly personal and is very specific to you as an individual. Aziza works with the Divine Spirit and your personal guides to assist you with your spiritual journey. *Creative Healing with Art for Children - Using art as a healing modality we provide a non-invasive platform for children to access their inner voices to speak their Divine Truth. *Visual Journaling - Going deeper than words...Using art to reduce stress, release anger, resolve conflicts, get in touch with feelings and give voice to your soul. *Creative Healing with Art for Adults - Using art as a healing modality we provide a non-invasive platform for Adults to access their inner voices to speak their Divine Truth. It also allows the inner child to play and shine through. Exploring painting, drawing, clay, and more. *Healing Workshops - Healing workshops for women covering a variety of topics.
Holistic Health and Wellness Psychics Spiritual Counselors Intuitive Readers Counselors Reiki Master Practitioners Art Alternative Medicine Art Instructors Herbalist
Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Chakra Consultant, Wholistic Wellness Practitioner, Visual Artist

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Wholistic Village a healing center dedicated to assisting All regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs, with their personal journey to health and wellness for the Spirit, Mind, Body & Soul; using various healing modalities for the individual seeking to heal the whole self from the inside out. A balanced body follows a natural rhythm that is related to the rhythm of nature. We ebb and flow with the energy of Mother Earth. Here at "Wholistic Village," we follow that rhythm and offer services that assist with the natural ebb and flow of "Life Force Energy", of the individual, family and community. When we are in balance with "Mother Earth", we are rooted in Total Wholistic Wellness. By Appointment Only

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