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Burn With so many weight-loss products to choose from, how would one know when they come across a good product or a so-so? Some claim to stimulate fat cell breakdown, others curb the appetite, while some affect the “hunger” part of the brain. As much as they work for different people, there are many who have tried almost everything without results, and it can be difficult to find one specific to your own body’s needs. Although everyone is different, in terms of different sleep schedules, eating habits, the environments around us on a daily basis, we all have one thing in common: at the end of the day, fat cells are created equally! The human body breaks down foods with enzymes, and then proceeds to break down the calories in the food we eat. However, due to the lack of nutrition in our food today (Almost everyone can tell the difference between eating an organic tomato versus a regular store bought tomato) when we eat a 1500 calorie meal, we might only have enzymes to handle and breakdown the first 1000 calories. The remaining 500 calories end up in “storage”- these extra calories end up as the fat around our bellies, thighs, waist, arms and neck. Liver DTX How important is your Liver? Your Liver affects every other organ in your system and performs almost 500 different bodily functions. A properly functioning liver is able to clear 99 percent of toxins from the blood before that blood is distributed to the rest of the body. The liver’s pathways require specific nutrients to function properly and if there is any missing nutrient then toxic substances don’t get filtered and your body will suffer. Bile is your liver’s main vehicle to getting rid of excess substances, both good and bad. It is a complex fluid made up of old blood cells, electrolytes, salts, cholesterol, excess hormones and toxins. One quart is produced every day to breakdown fat and the digestion of oils. It links your gallbladder and digestive tract. Gallstones are due to an imbalance of bile in liquid form is and crystals are formed (stones). If alcohol is consumed, it greatly decreases the liver’s ability to function correctly, and causes the liver itself to breakdown, which results in the overall body’s loss of vitality and energy. Constipation can amplify your toxic load and it is the top gastrointestinal complaint in the United States. It is a backup of wastes that can be reabsorbed into the body and slow down the liver. Most people fail to realize the importance of the Liver’s functions, which can lead to many health problems. Signs poor liver function: • Poor skin tone • Yellow-coated tongue • Dark circles under eyes • Liver spots-brown spots on skin • Red pimples around the nose, cheeks and chin • Itchy skin • Bitter taste in mouth • Trouble digesting fats • Headaches • Moodiness and irritability • Excessive sweating • Arthritis • Flushed facial appearance or excessive facial blood vessels • Red palms and soles, which can be itchy and inflamed • Bad breath When you use the DTX, you have chosen the path to optimal health and a more vibrant life. You will watch excess weight gain disappear, you will feel more alive and productive during your day. Start your DTX today! TrueCleanse The TrueCleanse is a safe, gentle and effective way to cleanse the system of environmental impurities and maintain a healthy state. Easy on the body, a proprietary blend of herbs mixed with aloe, alfalfa and other vital nutrients help rid the body of unwanted impurities safely and effectively. TrueZyme The TrueZyme enzyme blend is designed to meet the changing demands of your body day by day. While some companies separate ingredients in an attempt to focus on specific needs, our formula is designed to give the body everything it needs all the time. Our proprietary blend of enzymes helps maximize nutrient absorption. Additional vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and probiotics are all included too! The innate wisdom of your body recognizes the needs that are ever-changing in it’s storehouse of enzymes and is able to utilize the vital components wherever and whenever it is necessary…as long as they are available. We help make them available simply and effectively. FastFood MRP Our ZoiVi FastFood shake is both great tasting and loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, anti-oxidants and digestive enzymes mixed with B.S.E. certified proteins free from added hormones and antibiotics. While this may not sound very appealing to the palate, great care and concentration has gone into the formulation so that the finished product is both delicious and low in sugar! ZoiVi shakes are designed to help you slim down while using pre-digested proteins that aid in maintaining and building lean muscle mass. Great as an economical meal replacement for mom’s on-the-go. Faster than fast-food and healthy! Complete, convenient and effective, available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors! TrueBoost TrueBoost provides that powerful boost of energy when you need it most. Unlike other “energy” drinks that load you up with chemicals, sugar and who knows what else, TrueBoost is an all natural energy drink loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants including co-Q10. In fact, TrueBoost boasts an O.R.A.C. value of over 4500! Amazing! And that’s not all. The down side of any energy drink is the depleting effect it has by over stimulating your energy organs known as your adrenal glands. Not so with True Boost. Why? Because we are the ONLY energy drink that includes a full compliment of herbal adrenal support in every serving! What does this mean to you? You can enjoy this drink knowing that you are improving health and vitality with every delicious sip! TrueComplete TrueComplete is a comprehensive formula with a proprietary blend of essential nutrients exclusive to ZoiVi. Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, herbs and green super foods in combinations and concentrations designed to deliver the building blocks of total health and vitality. Included in the formula is 125mg of CoQ10, the highest available in any multi-vitamin! What makes our formula even more complete is the addition of a potent proprietary pro-biotic blend! TrueKids TrueKids is designed with both children and parents in mind. A complete and comprehensive formula including vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, green super foods…and that’s not all! A pro-biotic blend mixed with gluten-free fiber to insure that your little loved one develops with a digestive and eliminative system that is healthy and fully capable of voiding the toxins that are now a part of daily life. The best part? No more struggling to force your children to take their vitamins! Just like our adult formula, the children’s formula is in an all-powder form contained in a 1-a-day straw pack! Flavored with real orange juice it can be mixed with water or in their favorite beverage! Simple and efficient! Great tasting citrus flavor!
Monthly recurring orders Customers may set up a monthly shipment that will be delivered to their door! It's convenient and you will also receive discounts! Contact Richard @ 347 725 1335 for more information! Free products* After you order your first set of products, you may refer 3 customer's to ZoiVi and get your next order free! Ask Richard for more details
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The ZoiVi Mission At ZoiVi, we have developed the means to create a lifestyle filled with energy, health and wealth. In a world where balance and stability is uncertain, we focus on restoration from the inside out. To begin with, the human body’s amazing ability to heal itself is second to none. Man survived thousands of years without the modern medicine approach, when there was no interference from unnatural chemicals in the environment, the food eaten, or even antibiotics. In the twenty first century, where technology is at the most advanced level, man can see worlds beyond the moon, vehicles can run on the power of hydrogen, why are we still having trouble finding a way to restore the body’s natural ability to heal and cleanse itself? The answer begins with balance in all wellness areas of the body—spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. Our name is a word that means life energy, and sets a high standard for who we are and our dedication to you when you embark on your own journey to success in health and wellness. As we embark on this journey to pure health, we begin with restoring the body’s ability to heal, through a swift and simple cleansing approach. Learn about the groundbreaking results of people who had tried everything with zero success until the ZoiVi experience. ZoiVi products are the only ones that do not focus on trying to “save” a person’s health. Here at ZoiVi, we focus on restoring your body’s life energy by removing any interfering toxins, and letting nature do what it does best, the natural way. And we give you more than just a few ingredients thrown in together hoping that it works for a ratio of people—each natural ingredient is specifically chosen to maximize everyone’s results, and provide a specific function to the body. Our products also hold the most prestigious endorsement in the industry—see what everyone has to say about ZoiVi and the impact on their lives! Based in the USA, ZoiVi is joined by Independent Partners in the United States, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines with many more countries to grow into— and we’re just getting started… A Body’s Health Begins From Within We invite you to learn more about ZoiVi, our products and our exciting opportunities to restore the world’s balance of health and wealth! Join ZoiVi in our mission to bring health and wellness to the world. Healthy Energy Every ZoiVi product contains powerful enzymes, probiotics, and minerals without all the unnecessary “extras” and fillers in most health products. The result is sustained pure and healthy energy without the crash. Mental Clarity ZoiVi products are rich in antioxidant power, with a primary ingredient being CoQ10. Antioxidants have been proven to improve brain function and clarity of thought, circulation of blood, and energy production. Your Personal Freedom With our global business person to person approach, working with ZoiVi means you finally have the flexibility to work at your own pace on your own schedule. Whether traveling to visit friends in other parts of the world, or in your backyard, the freedom of time allows you to work in the comfort of your own home and tailor your business to meet your needs. Your Financial Freedom What would it be like to plan a family vacation simply because it was an option, not a “chance” to do it? Or not having to worry about the “college fund”? Financial freedom is the peace of mind you’ll have when you send your children to college without breaking the bank. The thought of knowing that you can provide a better future for your children, your family, and yourself makes waking up in the morning much more exciting. Whether you’re looking to earn a few hundred dollars a month, or a few thousand, at ZoiVi, we recognize every person has unique financial goals. ZoiVi rewards Independent Partners at all levels of involvement. Our Definition of Success: Getting what you want! Some people seek better health and a smaller waistlines; others are seeking the American dream of large, accumulated wealth. Whatever your definition of a success in life is, ZoiVi will get you there. So we ask you, what is your success? Would a partnership in that goal be exciting to you? Let us be your partner in achieving your success today, because simply put, your success is our success!

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