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If you?re going to become healthy or even healthier than you already are whatever that means to you, you need to do what healthy people do. Healthy people acquire foundational knowledge of the triangle of health and seek out (a) qualified Health Care professional(s) to create a lifelong partnership to coach and guide them through their life to acquire and maintain a consistent life of Extraordinary Health. Who is on your team to help you toward a life of extraordinary health? Are you truly happy with your results? There is no right or wrong answer. It only depends on what you want. If you want to be heathy, you need to do what healthy people do. Now I know that sounds simplistic in hearing that. However, we know that the majority of people do not practice that simple principle. If you want to be healthy, you have to do what healthy people do. You might be asking yourself?what do they do? I?m glad you asked. For about 30 years I?ve been helping people and for the past 10+ years Utilizing Chiropractic within the Triangle of Health with success. Since the early 1920?s some other types of Healthcare professionals(not all in their respectable fields practice some form of Functional Medicine) such as M.D.?s (only 5-7% of all M.D.?s learn about nutrition?that means even less utilize this method of care I?m about to introduce to you), N.D?s, LaC?s, and D.C.?s ?etc?. Utilizing Functional Medicine/ Science based Nutrition (whole foods and herbs as well) and Chiropractic care over the years has been able to and in most every case, naturally help millions of people to become and maintain a life of extraordinary health. The triangle of health has three sides or what I will call segments. Each one of the segments represents an aspect or a category of health. Imagine the inside space of the triangle. Within that space is a circle. This circle inside the space of the triangle represents a cell. Contained within the circle/cell is the nucleus of the cell and the mitochondria (ENERGY factory). Within both the nucleus and our mitochondria are our God given DNA. We all know and agree that the DNA we have is our ?Blueprint? to our expression of life. Just a fun little factoid. Some people say that they have a disease process because it is ?genetic?. Scientific literature shows that we have about a 70% fighting chance of not getting a ?genetic? disease such as diabetes even though everyone else in the family has this. What we do or don?t do and what we think or don?t think will determine our outcome. Outside influences called epigenetics can and will positively or negatively impact one or all segments of your triangle of health all the way down to your DNA. There is a Physical segment, a Biochemical, and a Mental/Emotional segment. Each of these segments of health form/ create a triangle and within that triangle space represents a circle and within that circle is our DNA. These outside influences called epigenetics don?t care if you are currently healthy or not. These buggers are relentlessly impacting our state of being 24/7 365 days per year! Right or wrong good or bad? they don?t care about you. Only you can do what other healthy people do to enable or allow your DNA to express and function healthy and strong whatever that means to you. Negative outside influences or epigenetics will eventually cause cellular inflammation that will impede the cell to cell communication, cell to brain communication, and will also impede vital organ to brain communication. Inflammation at the cell level is responsible for virtually every disease process including cancer and premature cellular apoptosis (cell death). This equals aging fast and premature death. Look it up on Pub Med (a National Library of Medical Literature). Remember this is what other people are saying. I?m just a messenger here to tell you that there is hope. Now you are seeing what we are up against 24/7 365 days per year. The first segment of the triangle of health your physical aspect of your health and well-being. It is common knowledge within the physical that structure equals function. For Example, your scull sits on top the spine that has 24 movable segments called vertebrae. The Vertebral segments house and protect your spinal cord and your nerve roots. Your nerve roots branch out like rivers, streams and tiny little tributaries that carry vital impulses/signals from your brain to your body and vital organs(liver, kidneys, heart, lungs?to name a few)back to your brain faster than the speed of thought. This information highway also regulates and controls our immune system and hormone functions. Healthy people know that structure equals function. You can see that physical stress from postural stress, repetitive stress, too much activity,not enough activity, the force of gravity, mental/emotional stress, and biochemical stress can easily cause a traffic jam of nerve signals that carry vital life sustaining signals. This physical stress will also cause outward symptoms such as a sense of tiredness or fatigue, an increased amount of tension on and within you tendons, muscles, and ligaments. This sometimes undetected stress will create uneven pressures on and within your bones and joints leading to premature bone decay. Your discs and your brain depend on joint mobility within your spine to get all the nutrients they need to be healthy and strong functioning relative to your God given makeup. Studies show healthy people that receive consistent Chiropractic care recover quicker from neck and back pain. Chiropractic adjustments allow the body to positively change the brain chemistry thus reducing signs of depression and significantly reduces stress levels on the body and your vital organs. These are just a few examples why healthy people see a Chiropractor for an adjustment for more than simple pain relief but to become and be a healing miracle they want to be and know how to get. This can be yours too if you simply choose to. You deserve to be the healing miracle you are meant to be in the context of my brief explanation. This information is amazing to see how the physical has a direct impact on your biochemical and your mental state of health?good or bad! Another simple example of structure equaling function is too much belly fat. Usually greater than 20+% body fat. This physical sign will lead to other symptoms such as Diabetes. This used to be called adult onset of diabetes. Now children as young as 8 years old are getting this lifestyle disease! Some people are not taking the time like you are right now to get this life changing information. Other people get this information and still do nothing with it because they don?t believe. What I?m about to say is not right or wrong it just is. Kind of like gravity; If you want to believe gravity doesn?t have an impact on you or it doesn?t affect you, then jump off a cliff and see if you don?t plummet to your possible death. Please don?t do that. I was just trying to illustrate a point. And my point is you or any one of us will fall whether we believe or don?t believe? it just is what it is. There is nothing to believe because what I am sharing with you is already proven whether or not you choose to believe, It just is what it is. You can see how one segment of health directly impacts another; onto the Biochemical. Stop what you are doing, look outside. Observe the dirty air we breathe , the polluted waters we are surrounded by and drink, bathe, and cook with. It is becoming common knowledge of how dirty our planet and air has become. Look at our soils that feed plants, animals and us humans. Because of farming and agricultural practices, our waters are polluted with herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. Studies show that round up is a direct cause of cancer. This impacts the waters and our entire ecosystem. Don?t forget the GMO foods and genetically engineered foods, artificial food dyes, etc? This list can go on and on. This negatively impacts everybody?s DNA including you. If you want, ask me and I will share with you what most other healthcare professionals don?t know or are just too lazy to share, regarding the 5 keys to reducing or eliminating harmful cellular inflammation. What kind of food and water are you consuming? The biggest challenge we all face is that we can?t avoid these epigenetic stressors. This is a clear reason to Healthy people why they get their regular Chiropractic adjustments , don?t use antiquated methods of detoxification that don?t address cellular inflammation. You?ll discover why healthy people periodically get different labs done. They do this to look for any imbalances in their blood chemistry and to see deficiencies inside their cells versus deficiencies inside their blood stream. White blood cells are used to detect deficiencies. Unfortunately, not all healthcare professionals use this Patented and highly accurate Lab. This lab that we partnered up with will show you 6 months - worth of possible deficiencies. Keep in mind traditional blood lab will only measure nutrients within your bloodstream. This only shows nutrients from a 24 hour window of time versus the Micronutrient test that looks at inside your cells with a 6 month window of time. This is great! This takes away the guess work of what is truly needed In regards to whole foods or supplements to make up for deficiencies that can be a major contributing factor to not living a life of extraordinary health regarding balance of your Triangle of Health.

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