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Theresa Owens, Publisher - Tina Gibbs, Editor




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Submission Guidelines




What kind of work is Traveling Poet's​​ Online Magazine looking for? 




Online poetry magazine seeking quality poetry about all forms of travel or tourism, a destination or attraction or event.




30 lines or less...




We accept original unpublished and/or pre-published poetry. No simultaneous submissions.




Does Traveling Poet's​​ Online Magazine pay money?








How do I submit my work to Traveling Poet's​​ Online Magazine?




We accept submissions year round.




We do not accept paper submissions. Email documents/attachment to




Word document (.doc) files


Rich Text Format (.rtf) files


Text (.txt) files


Portable Document Format (.pdf) files


Word Perfect (.ppf) files


Word document files.




How soon can I expect to hear about my submission?




Within 3 months from the day of receipt.










Here's how it works:




Each poet submits $25 (a one time payment per year) via Paypal and 5 of their best poems each month (pertaining to travel) up to one year.




We create a page for author/poet and two poems per month will be selected and  published on author page and will remain there for one year upon receipt of subscription donation. By the  of each year, if author submits and we accept, there are 24 poems published on author's page.




A handy comments, critiques and feedback form will be provided on each page and will be posted accordingly. Authors can read their poetry online along with comments, etc.




Up to 24 poems published each year for each poet/author. Only your best work will be published each month. Your $25 is buying you a page for a year but it is up to you to provide us with quality poetry each month - send us five poems each month, we select and publish two. If for some reason the poetry does not meet our editorial standards we will notify you and ask for a resubmission of poetry, But the $25 (a one time payment per year) fee must be received in advance via Paypal.




This is not a self-publishing forum of any type - we provide our poets/writers with  the best editorial service possible, and provide them with an entity to portray their best work. We also provide them an opportunity to promote their work via social media and other entities as well as help each individual build a credible published background. We send rejection letters as well as acceptance letters, and offer recommendations for our poets/authors after six months when necessary.




After a year, if author decides to renew subscription/donation, their page is cleared and they start anew with fresh poetry - each month 2 new poems will be selected and published - at the end of the year, 24 poems will be displayed on the page. And the cycle starts over from there.




Rights revert to author after first year.





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