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by Alda Membrino of Celeste Body Sugaring LLC ( 27-Apr-2017 )

I am  thrilled to be able to write and share my knowledge about Body Sugaring.

Most of the people know that hair removal with body sugaring  comes from ancient times like Cleopatra with all her beauty and body caring. Most the people also know that body sugaring back then was done with a peace of  cloth that after years got perfected to the well known woven muslin cloth and the unwoven cloth so the sugar would be applied to the skin with a spatula on the direction of the hair growth and after ripped off with it on the opposite direction of the hair growth but what most people don't know is what I am about to write on my next paragraph.

The hair removal industry has been growing ever since and as a cosmetologist I've been exposed to all trends along the years since I started my career in my home town Rio De Janeiro - Brazil.  Sugaring Hair Removal back in Brazil was almost the same that is right now,with one little BIG difference : the way you apply , mold and flick  the sugar paste off of skin  in a manner that doesn't hurt as much as waxing and takes the hair out from its roots. 


 When I  found that out through a Brazilian friend I was sold by the new technique that gives so many benefits to your skin , included but not limited to:

  • 100% ORGANIC
  • Less painful method for  removal of unwanted hair 
  • water soluble
  • 100% no cross contamination 
  • treats previous ingrown hair and
  • 90% no ingrown hair 
  • lasts longer than waxing 
  • Leads to permanency ( results may vary)
  • Silky and smooth skin - Heavenly Smooth Skin proud of all the benefits mentioned above

I am   proud for Celeste Body Sugaring  being the pioneer  to carry 100% ORGANIC sugar paste from Tamara's  Body Sugaring.

We serve Fairfield and surrounding cities from Fairfield County in CT. 

If you have any doubt about sugaring fell free to visit our website .

Have a  sweet and "smooth" day. 

Alda Membrino.

Owner  from Celeste Body Sugaring .

1891 B Post Road 

Fairfield - CT - 06824


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