How Will You Decorate YOUR Cabin?

by Art Gib, freelance writer on behalf of Don Goin Studio ( 5-Apr-2011 )

So you have acquired or are about to acquire your own cabin. It will be your own private place for hunting, fishing, or getaways with your spouse and/or kids. Sure, it might need some minor adjustments--a few little fixes, but you're going to make it your own cozy retreat.


But what about the decor? Have you given it much thought? Maybe not. That's why I've compiled a few interior design suggestions to help you bring that cozy atmosphere to life just as you've envisioned it.


Soft, natural-looking (and feeling) light is key to creating that comfy ambiance. Plenty of light fixtures with low-wattage bulbs (or higher wattage with strategic use of lampshades) throughout stairwells, communal areas, and hallways.


Though decorating a cabin is similar to doing so for any other residence, we all know that part of the appeal of cabin decor is in its mimicking of the great outdoors, so look for chandeliers that are either inspired by or made from antlers or similar animal trappings. If you're a hunter, you may even want to craft light fixtures or other decorations of your own for your second home from pelts, bone, or antlers.


All of the artwork in your cabin should bring a sense of the peacefulness of nature, but everyone has different taste, of course. I personally take more to photography than other forms of art, but a wildlife bronze sculpture can make a bold statement on the side table, while oil paintings give a look of serenity.


Of course, it's simple enough to mix and match across the cabin by choosing slightly different themes for each room, but for large communal areas, it's better to have continuity.


Not sure where to find unique items such as the ones I've described? Boutiques are your best friend. In Park City, Utah, Main Street is bedecked with artist studios and specialty shops where you can find the latest and greatest inspiration for your secluded space.


Can't get to a specialty shopping district? The internet is your new best friend. You can find virtually anything, including work from artisans around the globe. The wildlife sculptures I found online bedeck my office space, and I constantly get compliments from guests.


It's not always easy to make these varying decorations blend together in an aesthetic way, so consider talking to a professional interior designer to guide you. After all, your cabin is meant to be your retreat--your tranquility. So invest the effort in making it as cozy and inviting as possible!

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