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by Cook-N-Dine International, Inc. of Cook-N-Dine International, Inc. ( 27-Apr-2017 )

From "Hot Rods" to "Hot Tables" | How a German Car Tuning Legend Revolutionizes Cooking

          (Miami, FL/CND) – Back in the 80’s, industrial designer Paul Schacht was amongst the first automobil tuning professionals who literally transformed the legendary Mercedes Benz 190 into a “Hot Rod”.  For many years, Schacht’s fine Benz held the World Record for the fastest Sedan ever to roll right off the conveyor; this was only the beginning. Many more car models followed, all created to perfection with his understanding that good design has to have state-of-the-art engineering inside.

          Next to his passion for fast automobiles, Schacht loves excellent food, and cooking it, too. Following his perfectionist logic, the necessary cookware has to live up to his standards as well.

          “Why does one need to utilize a myriad of different pots and pans or other cookware to create just one decent, fresh and healthy meal?” he was wondering, and so Paul went to work. Along his motto “Impossible is not in my vocabulary”, Schacht dove into experimenting and developing; his goal was to make cooking and dining a fun-for-all, interactive social “Experience”, even for the cook.

          And he achieved the impossible: Paul’s “Hot Table” came to fruition and he was ready to transform his new cooking concept into reality.

This state-of-the-art yet geniously straight-forward, robust technology now performs magic:

The center of the seamless, 304-stainless steel cooktop dips down slightly when hot, thus forming a shallow indentation; imagine a flat type of wok. The outer perimeter of this “appliance” safely stays cool to allow for table settings. Switched off, the “dip” vanishes like nothing ever happened, and doubles as extra prep/work space when off, or simple warming area.

          Schacht’s patented design makes for a piece of unique “Cooking Furniture”, which he affectionately declared his “Hearth of the Third Millennium”. Move over, firepit!

          He then developed indoor/outdoor drop in, mobile and portable models, all of which truly emulate teppanyaki-style cooking at its best.  “Modern technologies have shown us that everything is possible. Mankind needs to get ready for a small cooking revolution” says Paul, smiling. Gourmets and gourmands are in for sizzling seasons.

          The unique Cook-N-Dine® Teppanyaki built-in Cook Tops, Portable tabletop models and full-size Dining Table versions with Schacht’s patented “Shallow-Dip” Technology are available through kitchen/appliance showrooms, outdoor kitchen/patio/barbeque retailers, interior design and remodeling businesses,  as well as builder, architectural and developer venues.

Visit for product details, or contact Cook-N-Dine® International, Inc. by email, or call the Miami headquarters office at (305) 754-3176.




CDS-Design GmbH

Owner Paul Schacht is the inventor, creator and manufacturer of Cook-N-Dine® teppanyaki cook-tops and tables, located in Munich/Germany. CDS is a family business in the third generation, founded in 1887. Under the current leadership, CDS-Design has been producing premium residential cooking surfaces, including a wide variety of unique, innovative teppanyaki appliances for over 20 years. Previous groundbreaking CDS innovations for the automobile industry have become part of today’s standard equipment of Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles.

Creative Design Schacht – More than 125 years of Innovation and Precision Manufacturing

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Cook-N-Dine® International, Inc.

Cook-N-Dine International, Inc. is marketing German and European products of exceptional quality standards, captivating design and superb craftsmanship throughout The Americas and Caribbean.


The company was founded in 2000 and since 2002 is the exclusive importer and wholesale distributor for the unique line of innovative, patented Teppanyaki Grill appliances designed and manufactured by CDS-Design of Munich, Germany.

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