Miata Service Requirments

by Bill "Coop" Cooper of Coop's Miata of Coop's Miata Repair & Service ( 27-Apr-2017 )

All Miatas require regular service.

*Every 60K miles the timing belt needs to be changed. Not performing this maintenance may result in the engine quiting abruptly. Fortunately, it will not cause any damage as the Miata as well as the MX-5 come with either the 1600 or 1800 engine, both of which are non-interference types.

* It is reccomended that all of the filters and fluids also be replaced at every 60K interval and with that there are some vital components that need to be checked. We reccomend replacing the tensioner and idler bearings, the front crank and cam seals and checking the water pump and replacing it if needed.

* Some things that will wear out and should be addressed are the clutch slave cylinder, the  transmission dust boot and the shift boot. Also the O ring seal on the cam sensor on NAs and the valve cover gasket are notorious leakers.

*Belt and hose inspections at each oil change can save you an overheat and a potential for a warped head.

*Putting this maintenance in the hands of a trusted service mechanic can save you  money in the long run and keep your baby running smooth and trouble free.

Coop's is the most trusted name in the Puget Sound Region for Miata service,repair and performance.

See you on the twistys.

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